Divine Plan

By Milica: Always trust that the Great Spirit has a Divine Plan for you, and go with the flow in order to allow your destiny to unfold. Faith and trust in the Divine Plan brings healing, acceptance and peace.

milica2 Life brings many experiences. Some experiences bring great suffering. Suffering is nothing more than a deep view within, a deep look inside oneself. Within are many thought forms and memories, many unconscious, that are the cause of this suffering. The painful experiences that are brought about through this way of existence are gifts that if embraced, can take one on a personal journey deep inside to discover personal truth, and gain reason and understanding of the source of this experience. Embracing this self discovery means finding the courage to enter your own personal void and space, to travel through darkness and pain, with acceptance, searching for the light. The light is the discovery of the truth that is the source of the suffering.

Once you find your light, you will find that the realization that brings you peace is very simple personal truth. Then you will realize that the personal stories that were created around this truth were all manifested to let you find this truth. Then you will see and feel the blessing in this painful experience and the personal wisdom it has brought you. This wisdom then allows you to make wiser choices and create a better future.

If we continue to embrace all experiences as our teachers, and allow ourselves to go deep within our own purifying fire, we are embracing life and the opportunities it presents, to advance ourselves further and become happier human beings. Embracing this process allows us to see the Divine Plan that is being played out in our lives. It allows us to accept all experiences and go with the flow that is presented, in order to reach our greatest potential.

It is when we are in the state of acceptance and going with the flow that we can access the healing potential of our Divine Plan. Acceptance and trusting in our experiences taking us on a journey, bringing us to a higher state of grace, allows us to hold a space where we can become an observer of ourselves and the world around us, where emotional intensity dissipates with self acceptance and self awareness, a space that allows for personal truth to emerge, free of external influences, a process of transformation of the mind where new understandings and views on life may be reached, a process of self transformation that brings deep healing and peace.


Wishing you Happiness, With Love,


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