Connecting with your Guardian Angels 

Hello my name is Summer and today i would like to speak to you about how you can connect with your guardian angels. i have used this technique for many years and it really works for me.

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Find yourself a nice quiet place where u will have no distractions switch of your mobile phone so that nothing will distract you and make u loose focus. You can light some incense and candles and even put some really soft music on in the background. Take a deep breathe and just relax your mind and body you can either sit down or lay on your bed what ever works best for you.

Now lets start with relaxing your feet and legs your upper body your arms and hands relax your fingers keep focusing on your breathing inhale the positive and exhale the negative imagine a beautiful bright white light is shining down upon you. Once you start feeling your body is turning numb imagine yourself wiggling out of your body almost like you stepping out of it now visualise a big white door appear in front of you bright white light is shining through walk towards this door and open it keep visualising this.

When you enter the door you will find your self in a epmty room the light is shining so bright this light is filled with pure love. You will then notice another door open that door and step into a beautful garden where your angels and guides are waiting to meet you. Inside this garden you will notice the bright colours, so many trees and flowers and birds chirping wild animals walking around this is your own little paradise your sacred place.

Now take a good look around you and notice there is a river running through the garden and a little white bench under a big oak tree where two angels in white robes are waiting especially just for you. Walk towards them and introduce yourself by giving your full name they know everything about you already but this introduction will help you to get closer to them you can speak to them about anything tell them your concerns open up your heart and listen carefully to them you will feel it in your chakras your mind will expand at the same time opening you up to new possibilities.

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You can stay there for as long as you like you will see your angels lay there hands to bless you and to comfort you. Visualise them holding you tight taking way all the worries and the stress. When you are ready to leave simply focus on saying goodbye to them and ask them to meet you there again tomorrow or later this week or even again before you go to sleep.

Arrange a time with them you need to focus on this visual experience with your angels over time it will feel more real you can also create your own special place on a beach or a forrest or anywhere you like to escape to.

Now visualise yourself walking back to the white door enter the white room that leads back to your bed open the door and step out of it and gently focus on your breathing open your eyes how do you feel ?

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