Christmas Spirit

By Farrah-H: It’s easy to get caught up in the plastic side of Christmas. A plastic tree, decorations, lights,and again wrapped up in paper, plastic presents. We tend to get a little lost in what’s important sometimes and what’s not. The Joy of Christmas is not about presents and receiving gifts to unwrap its about, sometimes we have to take a step back and remind ourselves of this. So what is it about then?

1farrah2 That’s easy, it’s about being kind to others, showing acts of kindness, being loving, being thankful. It’s a day when everyone goes out of their way to be that extra nice, to be thankful and show thankfulness. It’s the one day where people treat others they way they would like to be treated, it’s the one day we are all exactly who we hope and strive to be- good happy people.

In life we all look forward to this one day that is supposed to bring us joy, and we often forget its not the presents we give or receive that is what we look forward to, not at all, it’s the people those around us become happier. There is an energy of joy that is created through kindness and thankfulness.

I have been working many years now in this spiritual industry as a reader as well as life coaching and counseling and there is one thing I see and understand that makes people successful in their relationships of romance, but also family and friendship relationships too that is Kindness and Thankfulness, the two key ingredients to success in love. This is why we love Christmas as naturally we all become a little more of those people.

Why not make everyday Christmas day? Wouldn’t life be amazing to feel this way everyday, it’s easy you just have to start practicing kindness to yourself (so important) as well as acts of kindness to other people around you in every way you can, start focusing on all the things you are thankful for, can’t think of any? How about start off with the air you breathe? Then the people you love? Then your dreams and aspirations the fact you have them and can dream is something to be thankful for as not all people in this world get such an opportunity. There is always sometime in the darkest of times we can smile upon and feel thankfulness for.

Practice makes perfect. They say the more you practice, the easier it becomes, the happier you feel, the bigger smile that grows on your face and the bigger contentment deep within the soul- this type of contentment that brings the greatest of joy is worth its weight in gold. Its is the difference between being alive and truly living, it’s the difference between being happy now and then and being happy full time all day every day. Which would you rather be?

As part of Christmas, I have decided to do a Christmas giveaway to all my customers and anyone taking their time to read this article today. I would like to offer each and every one of you ONE FREE tarot card reading for the Christmas period and early new year of 2018 through email free of charge, if you simply email me with code “FREE TAROT” as well as your name and date of birth. I will then send yours through to you, if you have any questions on this card you would like to explore please contact me on Life Reader chat or call and I will be happy to do so within a reading.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all and reading for you soon!

Remember Kindness and Thankfulness start practicing today 🙂


Love, Light and Merry Christmas!


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