Believe It or Not.

Let’s face the facts. Many people don’t believe in Psychics. They do not believe that there is such a person who has the ability to foresee into the future. More so than the ability itself it is the word that they are rather afraid of the word Psychic. Interestingly enough, almost every person in this world believes in Intuition. They are not afraid of this word and believe it is something very real. Let’s take a step back here. Psychic and Intuition. The greatest mistake people make is thinking they are are two different things. But oh how wrong can some people be.

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Here is a fun fact for you today. Psychic and Intuition are the same thing. Intuition is something we are all born with, it is a sixth sense, a third eye. It is when you think of someone and suddenly they call you. This which I believe happens to us all is Intuition, and Intuition when it is recognized and worked on becomes Psychic. Knowing the facts of this doesn’t make Psychic sound so unreal does it? Knowing that we all have the ability to work on and grow our intuition
to a point of being able to know things in the past, present, and future.. What a magical thought?

Of course some are born more gifted than others without needing to work so hard I won’t hide these facts, but the truth is we all have the ability to be ‘psychic’ on many different levels. I have many friends who would not consider themselves to have psychic ability, yet they are so in touch with themselves, their surroundings, they follow their intuition in daily life, with career and business decisions and because of following their intuition they always seem to be so happy leading lives of great love and joy­ this shows me the power of Intuition by using it in your everyday lives how following and always being in touch with that voice within really keeps us on that right path.

Now this is where I come in my. After many years of practise and training with my intuition I have developed a strong and clear Intuition which many call ‘Psychic ability’. And with this developed ability I help those not so in touch and developed through whatever it is they need true guidance with in life. By bringing answers to help my clients step in the right direction is such a wonderful thing I am able to bring. I do not like to call what I have a gift as it is not­ this word makes me seem ‘more important than others’ It’s simply not true, far from it! Ability is the key word here, I have it you have it we are all born with this the ability to touch our own souls and look into the unknown, the ability to hear whispers the common ear cannot hear, The ability to know the right thing to do in the hard times in life, knowing as hard as they may be, by listening and following that Intuition you will eventually be better off and living the life which awaits you.

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Whether that intuition or ability comes from you, from a friend or from a trusted psychic like myself it is something worth listening to for the greater good, and for a happy future which was always designed to you. The Intuition is what leads us to that future, to not follow it and simply
let things happen when you know they should not and are not right you are walking in the wrong direction and further from your path, the key way to know you are heading in the right direction
or are on that right path is the feeling of happiness. This will always let you know where you are.

If there is a lack of this, turn around and take another road. If you get lost listen within and follow
The Intuition which is here to guide us in life.

Psychic Ability or Intuition? You choose which one you would like to call it my dear people but at the end of the day they are two peas from the same pod.

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