Be Happy In Life

By Ann: It has been troubled times for all of us with the pandemic we have lived with over these months. We have all been confined to social distancing, trying to keep ourselves busy at home, we have lost loved ones through this pandemic, my heart goes out to the families and loved ones of those families.

No matter what country they live in, these are the times when you work together and let’s not forget how life can be taken away from you in a heartbeat.


I have been following this pandemic since it started, when you look at this it is a wake-up call to be happy in your lives and accept the things that you cannot change and change the things you can.

We all have had plenty of time to think, love is a powerful tool to work with, and happiness comes with love and of course loving yourself. This would attract the things you want to receive in this life. Empathy and understanding are the most important thing about your journey in the months ahead.

You need to look at what you would change to be happy in any situation, whether it would be a marriage, a relationship, a work situation. It is a perfect time to think about you. We are living in 2020 and no one saw this coming. The epidemic was very silent and deadly to a lot of people. But if you are reading this article,

You can change anything you want in your life. You just need the determination to do it and be happy within yourself to make the decision to move forward. There is not one thing that is stopping you.

Have you ever watched the show highway to heaven? Well, I have a message for you from Archangel Michael he said not to worry about the things that you do not have and only focus on the things you do have and ask God for the things you need. Throw all your anxieties on him, he will answer you and help you. This goes for every concern you have. whatever you think is silly, it is not to God. For those that have been hit financially, ask Him get your job back to support your families. Ask for your own needs. God is there for you for anything.

These troubled times were predicted thousands of years ago in the book of revelations, the bible even. Though I see the bible as a book of history, every event that is happening has been written.

You have the choice on how you are going to move forward and what you want to believe. Faith conquers mountains.

I understand there are a lot of people lonely and worried what lies ahead, stress can make you very sick, this is why Archangel Michael has said. talk to God’s hotline. It is free, you do not have to pay for the call. Because you do not see God and the Angels? you think they are not there. Well you do not see the air that you breathe, but you know it is there otherwise, you would not be reading this article.

At LifeReader we care, and we are here for you, but you must be there for you too. God is the only being and life force who can carry every burden you have. 

Being happy is having inner peace and humans cannot give you this but, you can with the faith and gaining your own power back and having faith, you can change anything in your life to be happy.

Money and material things cannot make you happy. They only give you a decent lifestyle but, without love and laughter you have nothing. Through this difficult time, I got flooded with messages and at 4:30 in the morning, I was trying to stop the rain from coming in the house. Thank God it did not, the house was saved. You cannot buy Inner Peace, you need to love yourself and be compassionate to others’ needs.

Archangel Michael wants you to know you are not alone and you are loved by the universe and change the way you see things. There are evidences of supreme beings having faith. Be happy you are breathing and living. As I said, love is a powerful tool. Forgive anyone that has brought harm on you and ask for forgiveness for anyone you have brought harm on. I know you will feel lighter and happier.

My personal message to you is stay safe and often what you see is not how it is there, is an Angel ready and waiting to help you.


Love and Light, 


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