Banish A Curse

By Sarah: The world as we know it is shifting and changing. Every Reader on this site knows the shift is here – where no longer can we stay blinded and live comfortably in a 3D fear based reality.

As you start to grow and develop spiritually, you will become very sensitive to the energy around you. You may stop being able to connect with certain friends and family anymore. Your brightness and happiness may irritate their jealousy demons.

As more people wake up to the power of words and actions, unless they have self control and an empathic desire to bring back the peace, the rage they have may convince them to try and get back at you in an energetic form. I have had this happen towards ne many times.

This could be a dark spell (poetry of words) or someone they go to to perform so called ‘magic’.


As you evolve, you may find that your path keeps getting blocked and you cannot work out why. You get the new job, but the first month your car engine blows. You may find you have planned a delicious meal, but the food burns. Things keep on breaking in the home. Life just keeps opening these trap doors and it’s exhausting. One step forward and two steps back.

So many clients ask me how to cleanse their home and energy body to remove any Curse that may have been put against them. And I can guarantee that if you follow my advice as channeled from the Divine – 2023 will be a smoother ride so that you can focus on your soul’s personal development rather than having to face obstacles all over again.


So before you do this cleanse, you have to promise yourself to use discernment when dealing with other people. If you sense a bad vibe from someone – step away. Even from family members and business associates. As you grow spiritually, your inner wolf will start to awaken and you will sense very quickly if someone’s energy is good or bad.

So for this ritual, you need to be very present and in the moment. Run a hot bath or shower. Bless the water with The Holy Spirt to make it Holy Water (yes it’s that simple – you can even do this with food and infuse it with love when cooking).

If its a bath, get three cups of coarse salt and add perfume and rose petals or bits of rosemary or even grated lemon peel.

Submerge under the water and imagine having an energy body. Now imagine as you submerge any darkness or dark energy being washed away and into the water which then goes down the drain and off to the sea.

When you get out of the bath, put on some comfortable clothing and light a candle. You can put offerings around the candle like fruit and sweets and place your favorite crystals. Then you ask the Angels to guide and protect you going forward. And from that moment your journey will be safeguarded from any dark forms or curses. Water is an incredible cleanser which is why a hot shower or bath can make you feel so much better after a hard day at work.

Many people ask how they can cleanse their home – their living space. And here is a foolproof method in eliminating any darkened energy around you.

Move objects around the home to shift the energy pattern in your living space. Books, plants, ornaments and pictures put in new places makes a huge shift in the energy around you and signifies growth and change.

Open up all the windows and light some incense – a few sticks at the sane time do there is LOTS of smoke. Words have meaning and energy, so choose incense you resonate with. It maybe a scent like Rose or Jasmine, or it could be an energy like Business Success or Protection. Walk through the house into each room reciting the Lords Prayer and asking the Angels to bless each room before departing. Put a sprig of Rosemary above the kitchen door and the front door.

If you have children or grandchildren and have a garden, get a big bowl of coarse salt that can be found at any supermarket and walk around the perimeter of the garden, sprinkling salt and asking for the home to be blessed and protected. If you live in an apartment and have no garden, just sprinkle salt across the floor by your entrance and ask for the same blessing – and then sweep up the salt and discard.

If you have any religious persuasion or spiritual I interest like chakra systems, then place a few pictures (icons) around your home so that when they catch your eye they lift up your energy thus increasing the Light within you. In these changing times it can also be good to wear a necklace of protection- either a cross or a crystal- something you resonate with as protective. Even a pendant your dad gave you when you turned 13.

It’s all about intent, focus and energy.

As an added bonus, you can put a small piece of mirror on certain windows facing outward, to reflect any bad energy sent your way.

I can assure you that if you do the above ritual you will be divinely guided and protected. Be aware of who you socialize with and share your body with. Sexually transmitted demons are real and as you evolve, becoming conscious of the protection of your energy body is very important. As you work on your souls awakening and growth – then be aware of the energy around you and who you connect with.

If you need some soul guidance as you navigate 2023, I am here for you around the clock. As an older woman and as a wise soul I can help heal broken relationships and inspire you to make the energy correct changes you need to ensure you find your paradise and heaven on earth.


It all starts from within.

Namaste, Love and Light,


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