Balance In 2022

By Audrey: With the new year started, many of us are hyper focused on our new year’s resolutions. We start out full of motivation and hope and after the first 2 months or so we feel overwhelmed, this is no reason to feel defeated and give into doubt. Let’s discuss a new path of thought, one where our goals are integrated into everyday life, one that can guide you to success and most importantly balance in 2022.

The first step is to reflect on last year’s new year’s resolutions, ask yourself “What resolution did I accomplish?” “How can I further that success this year?”. This sets a positive tone and should be celebrated. Let this victory fill you with the warm light of pride. This feeling should be remembered everyday and in every action that you take this is the first move towards new accomplishments this year.

When reflecting on last year’s resolutions, it’s only natural to acknowledge what goals were not achieved. This is an excellent opportunity for bravery to gather your priorities and create a plan. Choosing one goal that was not accomplished last year builds strength and resilience. It is actually strength to know your faults and learn to overcome them in a proactive way, these small shortcomings do not define you. It’s easy to let failure weigh us down but failure is in fact fuel for success.


Choosing this one goal that eluded you last year is the best place to begin, this is a brave and strong move for your self worth and confidence, and choosing only one goal then conquering it as well as your new goals feels excellent without overwhelming you and causing anxiety. The big question is which are the right goals to choose, this is the need to have the balance of what you want as well as what you need.

First thing first, you must evaluate your physical health as well as your mental well being, without good health we can’t hope to balance the rest of our lives. V.L Allineare says “If your body’s not right the rest of your day will go all wrong. Take care of yourself.” Having a body full of energy from healthy sleep and free from aches and pains can feed into your mental focus, this keeps you on track for successful new year’s resolutions. If you’re suffering from pain or other challenging health issues and haven’t found the right health care professional, the time is now. No matter the financial cost you must focus on this goal and see it through to a happier and healthier outcome this year. The universe wants to see you succeed, sending out positive energy as well as being proactive and seeking help with your health will show the universe you mean business. Choosing yourself first is the best way to be a well balanced person as well as a good friend, partner, and family member.

Second, we can focus on love and our romantic goals, whether you’re single and are interested in dating or are having difficulties in your long term relationship. We all need other people, to love, to share our hopes and dreams with. Other people in our lives witness the miracle that is us and we witness the miracle of them, they offer companionship and support and expect the same in return. Having a positive outlook on love and focusing on healthy communication in our relationships is crucial, for example asking about your partner’s day and listening intently is a genuine way to show you care and that you value what they have to say. This should be reciprocated, a relationship is a two way street, both partners must give and receive equally. This equality must also be reflected in all other facets of one’s shared life, financial, domestic etc… Setting healthy boundaries is one other way of ensuring you’re laying out an even playing field. Of course there will be eventual fly balls and bad calls but if you remember communication and boundaries you can win the game of life as a team.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, only with what you are expected to give, which is everything.” Kathrine Hepburn said this and many people believe you get what you give, her words ring true to all of us. If you aren’t finding love is one of your successful endeavors, there is no need to feel badly, love and family is only one part of a well balanced life. In our modern times it has no time limit and is not the sum of you as one whole person. Making progress in this area of life can not be forced, you must remember what a value you are. If others around you can not see that they are not the right people to surround yourself with, letting them go may be hard but it will bring the right person into your life in their absence.

Lastly we must examine our career and financial goals by asking ourselves “Am I happy with my current work situation?” If your answer is no then you must identify why you’re not satisfied. There are many ways we can feel stagnant with our career, lack of financial compensation, issues with other people in the workplace or most commonly the feeling of stagnation itself, the challenge is gone and it’s time to shake things up. There will be many obstacles in your way when attempting to reach a new career goal, but the biggest obstacle will be fear. The fear that those in charge of your position will not be understanding, or fear of jeopardizing your financial stability. Remembering that they are also human, it never hurts to have an open discussion about your feelings regarding your job expectations and your future aspirations, you’ll find that they will be not only understanding but grateful you’ve taken such an interest in your position. If you feel trapped and are looking to change careers start by doing some soul searching, good questions to ask are what brings you joy? What can you do to be happy and challenged everyday at work as well as reach your financial goals and be comfortable in your life? If you’re struggling to find a solution, seek advice from those in your life you trust. They want you to be happy and fulfilled and can offer an outside perspective on this challenging topic. It never hurts to have a second opinion. Once you’ve found your new career goal the financial component can be factored in, this comes into play with your new plan. Approaching this with pure intent and strong determination can be the backbone to a foolproof plan of success. Meg Whitman says it well “Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.”

Focusing on these three aspects of life can help create long lasting balance, not only for 2022 but for a lifetime. Without balance we cannot hope to achieve joy, we must prioritize health, love, and career before we can be ready for the next chapter in life. While making these plans remember that you are not alone, when you feel frustrated, reach out to those close to you, they are most likely going through a similar challenge and could use support as well as offer it. Remember to take every action with confidence, with confidence and the support of those around us, there is no new year’s resolution too far from reach. Let’s make 2022 a year of joy and prosperity and most importantly a year of harmonious balance.


Love and Light,


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