Astrology What Is Our Connection?

For thousands of years astrology has been a big part of our human culture. Our ancient ancestors used the stars as a way to guide them across the ocean, the sky was their map the stars were their guide, what they relied on, what led them from one land to another.Dependant on what time of year we are born our personality are said to hold certain traits of those particular ‘star signs’ in the astrological chart. There are people who don’t believe in these who think they are rubbish and that’s okay we are all entitled to our own beliefs, there are also people who believe and understand these are very real. Regardless of what you believe, the facts are there and very real our ancestors understood something very powerful something that over many generations alot of society lost, whether we want to believe it or not we all have a connection to the sky above the stars, we are all interested and drawn to those ancient little lights above.

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Is the solar system above something designed for human civilization to follow to use in day to day life, is it there because of chance, what is our connection to astrology, the stars in the universe and the astrological chart?There is no one and final answer for this, as no one is to know the truth, but based on history and our ancient ancestors the stars are a chart designed for us to help understand other people, to help guide us from one place to another, to help us predict, to help us become more at one with the universe and the world around us, to help us understands ourselves.

Just because you are an aquarius, or an Aries, or Virgo does not mean you are to hold only the traits that your star sign has, this is not correct it is just a simple guideline for many of the standout traits you are to have, your personality is not your star sign it is a guide to your stronger and weaker traits but it is not a complete description of you so don’t ever think it is, but it is a good guide to understanding who you are most compatible with and who you are not in relationships, work and friendships.

I have always felt drawn to the sky at night. Walking outside and staring up to the stars makes me feel I am at one, makes me feel connected and allows me to become more spiritually in touch in that moment. Whether it is the beauty of the sky and the pretty glimmering lights that draw me in, or whether it is a greater deeper knowing that we have a strong connection above that the astrological chart is of greater significance than we realise that it is there for us.

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Whatever you believe that is okay as we are all entitled to our own belief in this world, regardless of what we believe we all share the same connection to astrology, thousands of years ago and today­ this has not changed and I do not believe it ever will.

If you reach for the highest star in the sky you are living your life­.

Farrah x

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