Are You Happy With The Person You Are ?

It is not uncommon to come to a point in life where you feel as though you are just not happy. How has my life come to be this way? Was this always how I imagined life to be? Is there a way to find greater happiness in every day living? Will things always be this way?

This is a commonly asked question by so many customers and I would like to begin by saying that it is so common for many people to feel as though they are not happy, not living the lives that could truly make them happy. That each and every day is difficult to get through that there is not a deep love and pure joby for each moment of life from sunrise to sunset.

It is Important you understand life is a journey, it is never the same always changing, as we grow as people, as we learn, experience, discover. Now if you are unhappy if you don’t have that burning desire for life each day that undeniable joy and appreciation that most crave in this life then you are not going to really look forward to each day as you should, you wont have that joy to make life that much more memorable.

I want to begin with saying this. Happiness is a choice. We all have the power and ability to choose our happiness. That is something you need to remember right now. It is a choice. We are the creators of this beautiful life, our choices shape the life before us, to choose to be happy by making that conscious decision that you want happiness that conscious shift brings forth a deeper level of appreciation, love and desire for life. It is about becoming aware of what we truly have in life, and taking on new activities, new adventures, new experiences, filling your spare time with things you absolute love your passions, things that make you smile whether it be hiking, painting, traveling, making money, all of these things no matter what they are for YOU are so important.

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Happiness begins with your happy place, where you feel most happy most joyful, start with taking on such activities dive in the deep end, no matter how big or small the shift begins with you actioning your thoughts and and feelings your desires. We Must begin with desire for change, step into thoughts and feelings ( how would that change make us feel? Imagination!), then move in to actioning those desired thoughts and allowing those feelings to become reality. These are the three steps that are required in order to have change. To be able to wake up each day with a smile on your face to look forward to life, to have a burning love and desire for life. There is no such thing as a perfect life, we all have our ups and downs, but we can fill our lives with joy with the things we truly love, this brings change and some how manages to make all of those things that always seemed to dark so sad, to slowly disappear. Just like magic 🙂

Are you happy with the person you are? Maybe not today. But you can be tomorrow if you follow my three steps to a Happy life.

Love always,

Farrah xx

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