Angels – Messages, Affirmations and Confirmations

Whatever your belief, knowledge or purpose here on earth is, most people believe there is always a higher good at work that will guide them during the times we want and need it the most. When you turn to your higher good it is extremely important that you receive messages and affirmations for comfort and guidance. Angelic messages are eternally in everything and everyone, you just have to listen, watch and meditate and they filter through unconditional love and acceptance. Here are some ways to connect with angels and find more love and confirmation.

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People – Some of the most important angelic messages come from people whether they are prolific or just everyday ordinary people – The angelic messages from people can be so profound that they inspire and influence important changes in your life. Obviously psychics are one stream, but it can be family, friends, neighbours and children as well. – A friends hardship will send angelic messages of encouragement and inspire you to achieve.

Places – Have you ever visited a place where you have felt so connected to the whole universe that you can feel the presence of angels – When you need important affirmations from angels then visit your place or destination that your soul connects to. It could be in your mind or from a photo as well. A stunning building will send a message to help you understand how you need to build your life for future happiness.

The Elements – The elements carry important angelic messages. No matter if it is sunny, raining or just a raging storm. Allow yourself to experience the elements and flow with it, angel messages from the elements are more subliminal. Powerful lightning in a storm will often mean, that you should push for more power and control in your own life.

Animals ¬ – Animals in their simple form have the most intelligent messages from angels. You could go to the zoo, talk to your dog, or even just sit with a group of pigeons or seagulls. Animals give the most pure messages from angels, these are mostly messages of love and giving, not only to others but yourself as well.

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Living matter – Bonding with living matter on the planet can give us such divine messages – Angels use beauty in its most simplest forms to send you the most helpful and true messages. It’s when you smell a flower or admire a beautiful tree that just creates an immediate sense of peace and harmony. An angel message from this source helps you to remember that the cycle of goodness and love goes on forever.

Things – Even though objects may seem superficial, some of the most unique objects have been created with inspirational angelic energy. Remember when you saw an unusual object that just made your spine tingle. It may have been an ornament, a piece of jewellery a sculpture. Messages from objects are a bit different as they energise your emotions to connect with angels and receive reassurance, safety and peace. Look at an object, ornament or piece of jewellery you adore. An angel message is meant to inspire your career, creativity or personal goals.

A few ideas

Angel messages are subtle and gentle, don’t force them, let them come through naturally.

If the message is unclear allow it to clear over time, it will definitely come through

Try these methods in your own style and that you feel comfortable with.

Always protect yourself with white light when connecting to higher energies

Remember who you are and believe in yourself

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