A New Beginning

By Farrah: As the days pass by, we are coming to the end of the year 2016; a year of internal growth, spiritual growth, wisdom, and a time of learning a time of self-discovery. 2016 has flown past so fast as you may have noticed, 2016 is what I call the stepping stone to a year of greatness as we head into 2017. We are going to embark on a new journey as many millions of people around the world will, a journey of new beginnings. No matter what 2016 has brought you, 2017 is going to be brighter, better and filled with so much more goodness.

farrah3 You see, this is the beautiful thing about life. We have a chance each and every moment ahead of us, to create change, to make a difference to alter our path to the ones we desire we dream of most. A new year marks a new opportunity, a new time to reflect, to appreciate, to live and experience each and every beautiful moment as it is before us.

What is it you would like to do differently this year? To taste? To see? To experience? What is it you would like to do to experience the beautiful life you have at this moment? Perhaps visit a beautiful beach, sit down and relax for an hour while reading your favourite book, perhaps to do this once a month? Is it to improve your relationship and grow the love you have, perhaps to find your soul purpose and do a little self discovery to find some passions you are unaware of or perhaps forgotten? Whatever it is, the New Year is your time to do such things, to do more, to find happiness and gratitude in the life before you darling the life you have in your hands today.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi. This quote is powerful, it is beautiful it is something we need to do each and every day no matter what we are going through, or have come from no matter what. Be the change you wish to see in the world! Live a life where your ultimate goal is bringing peace and happiness to you and those around you, through loss, through heartache. Turn this pain into drive to improve the lives of those around you to create purpose; to find your purpose, this world although at times can be hard can seem like a dark place, it is in fact a place of great beauty of everlasting love and light.


2017 is your year; it is in your hands, what will you decide to do with it?

Love always,


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