A Channeled Message From Spirit

By Laura: This is a message that I am channeling from spirit as I type this. The message in this article is intended for you, the reader. So if you are reading this, it is no coincidence. This message is for you.

Greetings Earthling – yes, very cliché, I know, I am here to assist you in the process of this transformational time in the world. There are mass shifts occurring all across the globe. Transformation in the areas of finance, politics, awakenings, death + rebirth, and higher order thinking.
People are waking up. Waking up to the truth of what life is really all about.
Gone are the days where we were asleep to the corruption and illegitimacy of the patriarchal system. We are collectively starting to step into our power, our passions, and our purpose! We are beginning to see through the veil, and are using higher order thinking to peel back the layers of what life on Earth, and being human is all about.
The planet is calling for our collective rising. To help Earth heal and become restored, not only physically, but also energetically, we are collectively raising our vibration to help heal and increase the vibration of the planet, and her inhabitants, including us, as humans, as a collective consciousness. We begin to heal together, by doing the inner healing with ourselves.


When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves, and when we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth.
We heal our inner workings. We begin to see positive change, not only as individuals in our own lives, but all across the world. We begin to see worldly matters resolving, evolving, and resulting in far more positive outcomes globally.
But it all starts with us. The individual. The one who is reading this article. The one who looks at you in the mirror. You have to start from within. You are the key to all change. All transformation on a grand scale, starts with you.
How, you ask?
Well, we project our own unique version of reality based on our own unique perceptions of reality.
When you change the way you perceive the world, you change your whole experience of it.
Your reality can completely shift into a far more positive, empowering, and magical one if you just change the way you think and feel about it. “As above, so below. As within, so without.” This means that everything you can perceive with your 5 senses is a direct mirror of how you choose to sense the world…
What does this even mean, you ask?
Well, it means that you, my love, are simply a projector that is creating a picture, a 5D reality, where you can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the movie you are projecting around you. This is all just a screen, and you are an incredible projector, a futuristic AF projector… one that can create a reality in which our soul can enter into a body, (which is just a part of the projection by the way), to experience what it is like to be human… mind blown?
Yes, it is all a bit too much to take in all at once, but this is the truth of it. There is science to back up this theory.
Over-all, We are a projector. We project our reality. We project what we believe reality is. These projections are based on our perceptions. Our perceptions are files of all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and outcomes we have ever experienced in this life, and have built the foundation for our entire belief and values system. So our behavior in the world is a direct reflection of what we think and feel inside.
So when we are acting from a place of fear, we project fear into the world, and it’s a never ending cycle. Meaning we give and receive fear continuously.
And equally, when we project love into the world, we give and receive love continuously.
Which brings me to my next point… There are really only 2 emotions in this world. 1 is love, and 2 is fear.
Love and fear are the umbrellas of everything else. We can only truly think, feel, and act from a place of either love, or fear.
Love is the umbrella for the highest self, happiness, joy, kindness, affection, acceptance, inclusion, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, empathy, health, wellbeing, prosperity, abundance, positivity, excitement, pleasure, sex, relationships, intuition, connection, growth, evolution, expansion, wealth, unity, oneness, equality, open-open-mindedness… and so on.
Fear is the umbrella of our shadow self, our ego, feelings of anger, sadness, hurt, shame, guilt, destruction, sabotage, jealousy, envy, war, defeat, fighting, defensiveness, hostility, deflecting emotions, giving up, staying in the comfort zone, afraid of change, fixed thinking, critical of self and/or others, judgmental, insecurity etc.
So, Which umbrella do you choose to stand under?
It’s important to remember, fear and love are two halves of the same apple. Neither of them is more or less important than the other. They are both equally necessary, and you can’t have one without the other.
You see, fear is there to keep us safe, to protect us from danger. It has a very useful purpose, for without it, we would be dead. We wouldn’t survive a day without fear. We need it so that we can cry as babies, so that our parents know there is something we need. We need it to scare us away from snakes, alligators, and high edges.
If we didn’t have fear, we would not know how to change our direction to the one that best serves us. We would not have the natural instincts of running away from a raging bull, or to take our hand off the hot stove… Fear is seriously important. We just give it a bad rep, and sadly, we often dishonor our fears.
We don’t fully give them the time or attention they need so that we can understand them and work through them.
Instead, we often suppress them because we don’t want to seem ‘weak’, which is a bottomless pit because they will always resurface, like a bubble underwater, it is just a matter of time until it comes back to the surface to pop!
Or we let them rule us and keep us in our comfort zone, our victimhood, where we never feel safe to go out into the world and follow our passions, step into our power, and live our true purpose.
Either way, none of that serves us. So it’s best to grow through what we go through rather than ignore our challenges. We can learn and evolve from each challenge through deep inner reflection and critical evaluation. Always come back to these questions;
1.”Which umbrella does this perception fall under? Love? Or Fear? 
2. “How has this experience helped me grow? 
3. “What positive aspects can I take away from this experience or challenge to Empower me toward a better future?”
4. “Is my shadow self feeling whole and healed? If not, why not, and how can I heal the shadows fear of this experience or challenge?
It’s only when we allow our shadow self, our fear, our ego, whatever you want to call it, to come to the surface, and we consciously put our attention into providing it with the compassion, forgiveness, love and understanding to express itself, that we can heal it, allowing us to feel more empowered and energized towards love and success, in which ever area of life the shadow feels fear around.
Unfortunately for some of us, it is difficult to really feel the umbrella emotions for love on a consistent basis, because often times, we have been so overruled by our shadow self, based on our perceptions and projections in the world, that we no longer feel we have control over the shadow, and that it has gotten out of hand… but this is not true.
Your highest self lives inside of you, and they too want to keep you safe, but they also want to empower you to take the action you need to take in order to grow and evolve into your highest potential. So call upon your highest self each time the shadow is ruling the show. Because you need to balance the polarities. Allow them to work together in harmony. It’s not always easy to face our fears head on, but it is necessary.
Ask the shadow to express their fears, doubts and concerns, and allow the highest part of you to listen and honor those shadow traits, and to then offer some higher power wisdom about the fact that this is all part of your journey, and that you can actually do anything you want for your highest good, and that the only thing stopping you are these old beliefs and perceptions. You can actually choose to let these go if you feel they are no longer serving you.
The intention of this process is to work with the shadow and the highest self, to achieve a wholesome, balanced, perception of the world that both keeps you safe, and allows you to grow and evolve for your highest good.
So, do you want to see change in the world? Do you want to see more love out there? More kindness? More compassion and forgiveness? More joy and abundance? Well, my love, it all starts with you. All of you. All of us. The light workers. The Empaths, The Chosen Ones.


Spread your light and love, and change the world.
Love to you all, 
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