A Candle For Venus – A Love Spell

By Kaitlin: Throughout all of history, you will find peppering of love magic. Love poppets were made, or charms on locks of hair to steal a person’s heart and bind it to you. Women would go out into the night and anoint themselves with the juices of herbs to attract love. They would put sachets of flowers beneath their pillows, to dream of their destined lovers. They would peel an apple, making sure not to break the peel, and then toss it over their shoulder- done correctly; this would spell out their true love’s name.


Tricky things, love spells. It can be all too tempting to want to steal a person for yourself- you love them, and all you want is that reciprocated! The problems of focusing a love spell on a specific person; is that it binds them to you- it enslaves their soul. That might sound like fun at first, but it will never be true love- it will always be tainted, more of an obsession. On top of that, it does severe karmic damage to your soul- and is a half-love really worth that?

The following spell does not ensnare your crush. It will not make so-and-so fall madly, desperately in love with you- unless, of course, that seed has already been planted naturally. What this candle spell will do is enhance the love already being directed towards you (if someone has feelings for you, they will realize it) and act like a magnet for new love, as well. Essentially, it will aid in attracting the right love for you.

What you will need:

A taper candle in pink, red, or white

Rose water

Sea Salt (Himalayan is what I use, but any will work)

Lavender buds

Lemon peel or zest

Optional ingredients:

Sandalwood incense

Rose petals

Begin by lighting a stick of sandalwood incense, if you choose to use it. Sandalwood can be used to invoke Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, to whom this ceremony is dedicated.

Ground and center yourself (you can find instructions on how to do so in my article “Realigning Your Spiritual Self After a Panic Attack”). Take a few deep breaths before moving on; to make sure you are steady.

First, combine in a bowl the rose water and sea salt. Venus was born of the sea, and she has a strong affinity for roses. These two items also combine the energies of Earth and Water elements, to help your intent stay grounded and pure. Next, add your lavender buds and lemon peel, and if you choose, rose petals. Lavender brings harmony and peace, and has a high-level Vibration; this will help send an energetic beacon to the soul that recognizes the call. It will also make sure that the spell acts in a peaceful, gentle manner. Lemons have been used in love spells for centuries, and the peel will keep things exciting and passionate. As I mentioned above, roses are connected to Venus, so the petals will help to add a little extra “oomph”- after all, what Lady doesn’t like getting twice the amount of her favorite flower?

Macerate these ingredients together. If you can use a mortar and pestle, that would be best. If not, a bowl and a spoon will work- try to avoid plastics, and choose ceramics and wood over metal. Focus on your intent- the type of partner you want. Do you want a strong blue-eyed man, a beautiful raven-haired woman? Someone smart, someone funny, someone kind? Do you want someone wealthy, or someone who values a simpler life? Try to be specific, but leave room for change. Once you have the image of this person and their attributes in your mind, anoint your candle with the “potion” you have made, saying out loud:

“Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Love,

Send me the Man/Woman/Person that I dream of!”

Repeat this twice, so you have said it three times. This aligns your conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious to your intent, and thus it transmits your message to the Goddess Herself.

Once the candle has dried, light it. Don’t blow it out, but let it burn on its own. If it doesn’t burn down all the way, that is fine, don’t light it again. That just means things are happening faster than you think.

Take the ingredients left over: your rosewater mix and the end of your candle, if any wax or stick remains. Bury the candle, and pour the mix onto the Earth, thanking the Goddess and the God for helping you with your intent.

Give the spell some time to take action. Sometimes the other person doesn’t hear the call because there is still something they need to do before they are ready for you. Sometimes, the call can’t go out, because you still need to address something holding you back. Look at these things as opportunities to be the best you can be- when this person comes into your life, you will be ready for them.

Remember to perform magic only in perfect love and perfect trust- trust yourself, and trust the Gods you are working with. If you doubt, it casts a shadow over the whole work that makes it harder to come to fruition.


Always be kind to yourself.

Blessed be, Love and Light,

Kaitlin Rhiannon

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