5 Steps towards your Perfect Relationship.

We all want the perfect relationship, or at least one we can be happy within, laugh within. One where we love deeply, smile daily, learn and move on each time we may be tested to our limits. To grow, to communicate, to never allow our ‘sour’ qualities overcome what we are what we have together, to always focus on the end result­ where you want to be but more importantly where you want to be right NOW rather than in the future. As its all about the Now when it comes to love.

I have studied many people, their behaviours within relationships, the way they work, the way they act, communicate, what they say, their energies, their levels of happiness. This is my conclusion­ not any one relationship is the same, they are all different and unique based on the different characters and personality traits and energy we have, however there are 5 things that no matter how different we are they all seem to be the ‘NO1’s’ to use in order to succeed in a relationship of love, to have that perfect relationship.

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1) UNDERSTANDING­ Before anything we need to have understanding of ourselves, of what we want, what we believe, our hopes and dreams and where we are heading, when we have this we then need understanding of our partners and what they want, where they are heading and who they are, we need to understand them in conversation, know their needs and wants, through communication or by simply looking and feeling. To understand is a relationship quality that can really create a perfect atmosphere of love and happiness. We need to create an understanding at all times that we are heading in the same direction. Always understand, no matter how difficult it is at times, we must do this. A little effort can go a long way.

2) ACCEPTANCE­ It’s hard to not get annoyed, to get upset, to argue, we all do this in relationships, it’s natural it’s very normal, but what we do need to remember to do is accept. We need to accept our partners for who they are, to consciously accept their flaws, accept their beautiful qualities and accept them as a whole, we can’t make our partners perfect and stop them from doing certain things that may affect us, but when we have the ability to accept for some reason the world is a better place, And as for our relationships they flourish.

3) COMMUNICATION­ most certainly one of the most obvious things that we all hear is so important in relationships. But why is it exactly that important? talking is good for us, by talking we create a gate for understanding and positive movement, by communicating we release energy and allow new positive energy to flow in. The real reason I believe it is of such importance in relationships is because it allows us to grow, the more we talk and communicate about our hopes and dreams, what we are unhappy about what we want to change, the more chance we have in those changes being made, if we hold things in, how is our partner suppose to help us, or help themselves­ they simply don’t know. Communicate and you keep the relationship healthy. Just like you keep your body healthy through nourishing fruits and vegetables. There will be times we shouldnt communicate and should allow some space, but after that space after that energy has settled go for it­ talk. It really fixes so much.

4) APPRECIATION­ Each day you you wake up, ask yourself what am I thankful for, include your partner your love in that list, ensure they are on their everyday, when we acknowledge those we are thankful for in life, the reasons they make us so thankful seem to shine through even more so. And this practise of appreciation can really add beautiful fire to a relationship­ try it you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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5) POSITIVE VIBES­ We often catch ourselves feeling down, dwelling on things, perhaps it’s not such an exciting day, or we are going through a tough time in life, regardless of the excuse you need to have positive vibes, allow them to vibrate and grow every day, focus on the beautiful things in your life, the things you are thankful for, the things that make you happy, the things that you want to achieve, see, do. All of these good things focus on them, ensure you are smiling, positive energy is the most powerful thing you can have within a relationship. It can make a relationship so perfect, without it it can be quite the opposite, no one likes a negative person simply because it does not feel good to be such a way and takes a great toll on our loved ones, so try your best to be positive, send those vibes out into the universe, see how a change in mindset can literally change your life and relationship. Just remember you don’t need change to be happy,
happiness is change, change in mindset.

These are your 5 steps to a perfect relationship, so simple yet so many of us do not apply them or we apply 2 or 3 and wonder why things are simply not working, apply these 5 things each and every day and you are allowing a very happy loving perfect relationship unfold in front of you!

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2 thoughts on “5 Steps towards your Perfect Relationship.

  1. Lizzie santos

    I’ve recently started a new relationship after having my heartbroken after the love of my life that I was with for 27 years left me out of the blue. It’s only been 19 months.
    He has had several relationships since but makes it extremely clear he has nothing left for me .

    The new realationship is great I’m extremely happy, I’m smiling all the time , in very attracted to this guy he seems equally as attentive ihave feelings I didn’t think I could feel again.
    But I’m frightened of getting hurt.


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