10 Signs He Is Not Interested In A Relationship

By Mel: It’s common for some men to just use women for companionship and sex, they want the rewards of being with a woman, but not the greater responsibility of looking after someone’s happiness or well-being.  In a lot of instances, men know they have to change or improve their life to be with a relationship with you, so that’s why some men only date, or have friends with benefits. If he is not serious about you and ONLY you from the beginning, then it is not worth it to pursue him or wait to see if he will change. 


The right man has to see you as a unique gift in his life, not a temporary fix. The hard truth is, most men can only be committed when they find a woman they want to be committed to. If he doesn’t make you feel like that woman, then he is truly not the one for you. 

The only thing I can stress here is to pay attention to the red flags, if you are not trusting your gut instincts you are going to set yourself up for some unpleasant times. Do not persist with someone who is not giving you the best of himself, or valuing you as a person.  

    1. Does not treat you the way you like to be treated – This type of man does not want the responsibility of giving his all to one woman, everything is about him, and you only get the crumbs.
    2. He is closed – He only wants to be with you when it suits him, he doesn’t want to bring you into his life because he doesn’t have any intention to do so. 
    3. Communication is a bare minimum – No regular communication means no expectations.
    4. He doesn’t think of you – Basically, you are a woman he is dating, you won’t find him reflecting you on at work or at home that often.  
    5. Only wants to be friendsPutting you in the friend zone means exactly that.  He can have a good time in life with you without having to look out for you all the time.
    6. He guards his privacyHis phone is like Fort Knox, and he tells you nothing about his life,  
    7. No sense of concern for how you are or how you are or feel – In your loneliest hour he can’t seem to find the time to comfort you.    
    8. He spends time with you, but gives no hope for the futureYou get stuck in a connection that you have invested so much time in that it becomes and endless trap of hope and despair.
    9. He doesn’t build anything with you – No getaways, no birthdays, no sentimentality.
    10. He tells you he doesn’t want a relationship – If he tells you outright he really means it. 


If you have further questions in Love and Relationships and any other concerns, please feel free to contact me here in LifeReader. Talk to you soon!

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