10 Positive Signs That He Is Relationship Ready

By Mel: If a man is interested in a relationship with you, he will show you, no doubts, no hesitations and no lies. You will know it and you will feel it. There will be no asking “When is he going to call?”, he will be accountable in moving forward with you. My advice to all women is to set your boundaries with what you want in a man and take no less.


Yes, sometimes it can take time to find a long term partner, but the effort is worth knowing you can always have someone to count on and always feel stable with. The key is to learn how to have good judgement in men as potential partners, look at who they are, their history and the way they treat their people and carry themselves in life. A good partner needs to have the highest of integrity, and honesty to maintain a secure relationship with you.

  1. Transparency and honesty – He is prepared to go out with you and enjoy life, either together or with friends.  He is happy to tell you about his day and what he does in his life.  
  2. Regular contact – Consistent with weekly contact, if a man is calling you and seeing you on a weekly basis, it is a good sign he is building up good habits with you. 
  3. You are a priority – He gives thought and consideration towards your expectations.
  4. Consistent with his behaviour – A relationship-ready man always says what he means and means what he says. 
  5. He shows you he cares – Your needs are considered and your birthday remembered.  
  6. He respects you – You feel equality in the connection, and he is thoughtful of how he treats you.
  7. No lingering exes or females – Does not hang out with female friends or too friendly with exes.  
  8. Sharing –Willingness to share what he has in his life with you, whether it is his community, his car or his money, within reason of course.
  9. He is fair – Although family and friends are important in his life he would not take sides and maintain balance in conflict so everyone can get along.  
  10. Loyalty – Showing that he is a one man woman, no doubts and no hesitations, every single time. 

A relationship ready man knows he is ready and he will tell you.  And he is ready to show you his good qualities and values to maintain a long term relationship. He will be transparent, loyal, honest, never letting others interfere. A relationship ready man wants only has the time to focus on one woman, and that’s all he needs. He doesn’t have a lot of secrets or anything to hide, he doesn’t need to because he is happy within himself and looking to find a partner to compliment his life. If a man wants a relationship with you, you should be able to know and feel it.

If you have further questions in Love and Relationships and any other concerns, please feel free to contact me here in LifeReader. Talk to you soon!


Love and Light,


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