10 Giveaway Signs That He Is Cheating

By Mel: You know you started dating a nice man and he seem very attentive and caring however, there seems to be always something not quite right.

The Phone – He always seems to be making excuses about who is texting him and why he still has the tinder app on his phone, even worse, he never lets go of his phone.  Watch his face change when you walk on him texting someone.

Friends who are Women – This is the perfect disguise to keep his options open and you looking insecure when you question their attention.  You will hear the old line “no we are just friends nothing is happening”.
Cancelled Dates and Missing Time – He is often late and his whereabouts are never clear and little white lies start to appear that don’t add up.  He will be always apologizing here.

He goes Quiet for too Long – Sometimes this can be a sure sign that he had gotten some attention from another woman and does not require yours.  He makes out your too clingy.

Communication – His conversation is very blasé as if to look interested when he is losing interest.  You will see a lot of fake responses often.

His Charm – He is charming, he is sweet, yet butter wouldn’t melt.  He is always charming people, especially the females around him.  Nothing is more than a dead giveaway than his skill with interacting with women and right in front of you.  He will brush it off as just being social and friendly.

Reputation – If he has had a reputation as a ladies’ man then that is not going to change overnight.  A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

His male friends – You don’t seem to gel with them and they even tend to come on to you as well.  Bad friends are also a bad influence.

His Attitude – He never seems to make you feel certain or sure of anything and always making you feel you are the one who has issues.  A good way to create arguments and camouflage things when he seeing other women behind your back.

Your Own Intuition – Nothing is better than your own radar, if it doesn’t seem right deep down then it usually isn’t.  Listen to your own instincts first.  Don’t overlook things too often or you will find yourself second guessing all the time.


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