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By Brenda: Have you ever wondered what Your Spirit Animal is? Your Spirit Animal is a powerful and magical guide that comes into your life to aid you in your spiritual journey. Throughout history, ancient cultures revered the strength and wisdom of animals. Beginning with the early hunter gatherers, they observed the natural instincts and talents of the animals around them.

The predators and prey each had strengths and gifts that helped them survive and thrive. The behaviors of the animals, both solitary and in their family groups were what they observed and what became their early spiritual or beliefs. Earth based belief systems such as the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamian, Celts and Native Americans gave animal status as the representation of the gods, deities, representing aspects of the creator. Some of the most common spirit animals or deities can be seen in ancient cave dwellings, carved on the walls of temples and made into statues for prayer or worship.

1brenda2 Your personal spirit animal or deity is an animal that you feel an attraction to, such as cats or hawks. Many times there will be more than one spirit animal that will make itself known to you bringing important lessons for your life’s path. More often, your spirit animal will choose you by making an appearance either physically or symbolically in your life. Some of the most popular spirit animals and their symbolism are:

The Cat: revered in ancient Egypt for their ability to see in the dark the cat represents mystery and magic. They are prolific and are hardy survivors that walk in both worlds therefore associated with rebirth, resurrection, nine lives and powerful healing energy.

The Owl: The Owl is considered the hawk of the night, the keeper of secrets and the ability to see into a situation with clarity. Owls are also representatives of death and rebirth. Wisdom, strategy and the guardians of the underworld.

The Hawk: Hawk symbolism is about focus and the ability to see clearly and without distractions in any situation. Truths are revealed swiftly through the energy of the Hawk and some that you may not be prepared for.

The Bear: The Bear spirit animal is very special. Because of its ability to walk upright the Bear energy is one of wisdom and prosperity. The Bear is also a warrior spirit bringing protection to its den.

The Wolf: The Wolf is seen as the guardian teaching you to be able to trust your own instincts. The wolf is loyal and forms quick and lasting relationships. Wolf rituals are those that involve protection and messages from the spirits.

The Raven: Raven symbolism is one of the prophecies and the reflection of the mysteries of the universe. A playful trickster the Raven signifies the mysterious powers of perception. The Raven energy is also one of family and community.

The Rat: The Rat represents abundance and fertility, intelligence and the ability to solve problems. Rats are industrious, tough survivors with a gentle and inquisitive nature.

The Horse: The Horse spirit is one of freedom and the balance of wisdom and power. The Horse is strong, swift and loyal and possesses personal drive towards one’s goals. A black horse represents mystery and magical powers while a white horse can represent death and rebirth.

The Monkey: The Monkey is a playful and lighthearted version of ourselves and seeks to awaken the inner child in all of us. The Monkey also represents money and good fortune and the ability to tap into the luck of the universe.

The Dog: Dogs symbolize loyalty and selflessness. They are protective and seek justice and balance in all things. Love, service and protectiveness are also the gifts of the dog in which they ask nothing in return. The black dog of ancient Egypt, Anubis represented the funerary god that guided the deceased on journey into the afterlife.

If you have any other concern about spirit animals and guides and other related concern, please don’t hesitate to contact me here at Lifereader.

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