Your Reading Experience Is A Reflection Of You

By Amy Rose: Have you ever experienced a psychic reading where you’ve been dissatisfied with the answers you receive? In your frustration, do you then start seeking out alternative responses to your question from several different psychic readers who all end up having a different answer for you? This is a common story for some, and it can often leave you feeling even more overwhelmed and confused than you were initially. Well what if I told you the readings you experience are a direct reflection of you! It’s true, and I’ll explain why…


The energy you approach the reading with is the experience that will be reflected back to you. This is a Truth based on the law of attraction. For instance, lets start with the example above: a person genuinely seeks out help from a reader who then feels displeased with the response given. Here, the genuine nature of the person asking a question is reflected back to them whereby they receive a truthful answer from the universe (through the reader). If the answer is not what the person had hoped for however, they will then set about on a quest (sometimes subconsciously) connecting with several different readers in order to seek out the answer they want to hear. What you’re saying to the universe during the first reading is, ‘I don’t want to hear this answer’ or ‘I don’t trust in this answer’, and so you send a new message to the universe that says, ‘I want a different answer’. The universe responds in reflection to your new energy, and this can lead to a mess of mixed messages ultimately leading to far more confusion.

Another way you can become confused is if you are not clear in what you are seeking or if you are treating the reading experience as a game. Again, you may get a lot of conflicting messages because the universe is reflecting back at you what you are sending out. In this case, either ‘wishy-washy’ seeking or a non-serious game-like mentality.

If however, you are genuinely ready to surrender, grow, and step into the best life you can have that is sitting in potential as we speak, then this will come to you. By trusting that the highest and best pathway for your situation will be presented to you, all you need to do is ask and it will simply be given in the very first reading. When you approach a reading from this heart-felt space of being completely open and desiring the highest and happiest outcome for you and everyone involved, you will be Divinely guided to the perfect reader that will channel this for you. Not only will you receive clarity and guidance on what to do next, but you will also receive the added healing of high vibrational energy that will channel through these Light-filled readings to help you in very profound ways. Again, this occurs in reflection of your pure intention to align with your happiest and highest pathway in life, that you are ultimately seeking.

From this Light-filled energy within and without you, you’ll likely feel strongly guided to return to the same reader for further guidance on your situation, or alternatively, other readers. All readers have something unique to offer and can provide you with different facets of information surrounding your situation, which you will find harmoniously complement and enhance one another. So long as you stay positioned in genuine heart-felt intention to align with your highest and happiest pathway, all this guidance, information, and reflected energy will powerfully help you transform your life.

Hopefully now you have a much better understanding of why sometimes you may receive conflicting information from several different readers. And how, on the flip side, you can experience the beautiful harmony of complementary readings that are channeled through readers aligned in high vibrational energy. Ultimately, it is all a reflection of your intention and energy from which you seek. How incredible it is to realize that it is YOU who has the power to control the reading experience you receive.

Peace & Light,

Amy Rose


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