How The Ego Can Distort Your Intuition

By Amy Rose: Inside all of us is a powerful internal guidance system that connects us to our intuition, and our intuition connects us to the Source of everything (aka God). At a local level, our intuitive system flows through the third chakra, located at the solar plexus. Here lies direct communication between you and your own body – where your body is the direct link to Source. These are those ‘gut instincts’ you may get from time to time. Some of us also experience intuition via the third eye and crown chakras, and these are broader communication systems that are multi-dimensional between your Higher Self and Source. These communication systems are more global or universal (think intuitive guidance for the greater good).

1amyrose2 These intuitive guidance systems can make us feel like there are elements that are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in our lives – such as feeling like we’re on the ‘right path’, or feeling as though we’re on the ‘wrong path’. These feelings are simply your intuition guiding you back to your soul’s own unique vibrational resonance. It answers internal questions like, “Where do I belong? What is my purpose? What lights me up? And what is my pathway back to Source?” When your vibration finds something it resonates with, you feel it or you simply know that you’re ‘on the right path’.

This feeling, however, can get distorted from the lower energies within and around you. It can become distorted whereby it makes you focus outside of yourself, projecting this ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’ feeling towards the people around you. It can actually make you think that other people are on the ‘wrong path’ and that your path is the only ‘right path’. This lower vibrational thinking is how we breed opposing belief systems and religions – specifically from the people who get rigidly trapped inside the dogma of religion and strongly believe that their way is the only right way. This is a dangerous ego trap that creates conflict, tension, and even wars. It is simply a distorted view of your own intuition – the shadow side of the guidance system. For instance, the intuitive information flows through your body or being where perhaps you feel what is the ‘right path’ for you. Then the mind enters the equation to process the details, where the ego has an opportunity to intercept (via the mind) and begins distorting the intuitive information. For those that are unaware, they have now been unconsciously caught in an ego trap, believing that others are on the ‘wrong path’ and that theirs is the only ‘right path’.

This thinking, however, is simply not Truth, as we are all individual, unique pieces of the Whole. We are all individual, unique pieces of God. So every single one of our pathways is going to be different – just as each of our moment-to-moment life experiences is uniquely different too. Each one of us is on a completely different pathway. Not one of us will be on the exact same pathway – not one of us! So that feeling of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is really only for you. Just like all lessons you are exposed to in the world are ultimately for you. It is all to gently guide you toward the vibration of your happiness and alignment with Source. Know that the only way you can truly help others align with their own unique path is by maintaining your active connection to your own intuition and remaining aware of your own ego’s distractions. The beautiful thing is, the more you can become aware of your own ego traps and heal these elements of distortion within yourself, the more you contribute to energetically heal others around you and help them find their own sacred pathway.

So just be aware, dear ones, if you find yourself creating judgement and segregation from others in any form, or if you start feeling superior (or perhaps even inferior) to others. It’s a sign that you’ve become attached to the ego’s belief that some people are on the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ path. Understand that this is an ego trap of complete illusion to distract you on your own spiritual journey and pull you off your own true path to ultimate happiness and alignment with Source.

Peace & Light,

Amy Rose 

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