What It Means To Truly Surrender

By Amy Rose: What does it mean to truly surrender to God (aka Source/Universe/Divine/Higher Self)? To some there may be a misconception as to what this means and may invoke feelings of defeat or a sense of obligation. But to truly surrender is something extremely beautiful and tremendously powerful. It is the gateway to living the life you’ve always dreamed of, where all your desires are met with ease and universal harmony. It is the space where you simply ‘go with the flow’ of life, accepting the present moment just as it is, and knowing that all your needs will be met. In this powerful space you experience pure ecstasy and freedom.

amyrose3 To live in this space of surrender is where true faith comes into play. To recognise it you’ll likely need to first experience what it is like to live outside of this space in order to compare and contrast. This is why most of humanity still makes decisions from their limited human mind outside the realm of presence. Here, people try with great effort to control the elements of their life (and others) in order to achieve the outcomes they desire. Life does not flow at its best from this limited space however, as is evident by the current state of the world – which is also the reflection of our current level of collective consciousness. When you live from your connection to Source/God/Higher Self etc in a space of presence, your life begins to flow harmoniously as you live deeply in the profound realms of synchronicity. Here you’ve accessed the higher realms of reality where everyone benefits.

When you realise that you do not have to control your world in order to create the experiences you desire, you begin to let go and trust – surrendering yourself to the present moment. Your life begins to flow in profound abundance. Everything you could possibly ever need or desire simply shows up – and all you had to do was surrender.

Surrendering to God means to finally know in your heart that the best free will decision you can make is to ‘Let go and let God’. You know on every layer of your being, through experiences you’ve had otherwise, that surrendering is the highest and best free will choice you can make in any moment. This needs to happen on every single layer of your being – conscious and unconscious. You now recognise that any doubts, fears, or thoughts opposing this decision are simply from the ego, which is wanting to keep you limited and contracted out of its own fear: fear of change, mistrust etc. The truth is ‘the only constant is change’, so to flow naturally down the stream of life, elements are constantly changing. When you work up to this space of complete trust in the natural process of the universe, you relinquish your resistance completely and begin to flow along with it, bringing to you your most desired life of all in complete harmony. Here you are vibrating in higher realms where you experience an abundance of happiness, health, peace, connection, and you want for nothing because all your needs are met. You also know they will continue to be met as long as you carry on using your free will choice to surrender to each new moment that arises.

Once you begin to live this way, the energy exchange process speeds up and can even bypasses thought altogether. You live purely from a space of deep, heartfelt gratitude and constant surrender, with a deep knowing that the best life is flowing to you right now. Here is where you cross over into realms of very high vibration, where these high vibration energy exchanges result in instant manifestation. This is where you have tapped into heaven, and are experiencing heaven on earth. Ascended masters, such as Jesus, mastered this. This is why Jesus could heal people instantly and share powerful wisdom that is attained from vibrating in this beautiful space.

Getting to this point is the hardest challenge of all in the process however, even though in Truth it is our most natural state of being. The act of surrender is so powerful, that it is frightening for all the lower vibrational energies that reside within and around you. As a result, they are constantly trying to pull you out of alignment with the space of surrender, due to fear. This fear can manifest into thought forms of doubt and worry. And once you attach to their influence, you bring on board a block in the pathway to receiving.

You can detach from lower vibrational influence however by first recognising that you can! Daily meditation helps with becoming aware of these blocks and cleansing them as they arise. Consciously send them to the Light to be cleansed and healed whilst holding love in your heart. Once this unfolds you will instantly feel realigned with a knowing that your heartfelt desires to live your best life are currently unfolding as your energy re-aligns with a space of surrender.

If you’d like to understand more about the process of surrender and how you personally can align with this space, feel free to connect with me anytime here at LifeReader. I’m sending you all blessings on your unique journey of unveiling the true and powerful space of surrender!


Peace & Light,

Amy Rose

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