Your Past Lives, Star Sign And Love Destiny

By Carmel: If you have ever felt like you have known your lover from a past life, you are not alone, I have talked to many who feel that they knew their partners before who come from many walks of life and across cultures or age groups. Those like myself who believe in reincarnation as a concept allow for the remeeting and reconnecting of soul lovers who have lived and loved in past lives and renew their acquaintance and love in this one. Although you may be familiar with the idea of past lives and loves, you may not have considered that your current star sign could be a key to unlock more secrets about your past life and may even as well help you find love or keep it in this one.


Astrologers look at a number of areas in the chart to gain insight into past lives and the South lunar Node in your chart as well as your Moon sign can provide valuable insights as well but for this article, I propose to look at your Sun Sign and how it affects your destiny path and loves. There are a number of ways you can access more information on your past lives and in another article I will look at how possible past life regressions can be of assistance to you in understanding your relationships as well as past life meditations.

Aries – All the Cardinal signs have had lives where in some way, you have had to learn to be a leader and in past lives you learned about resilience and mastering yourselves Arians! In this life, your challenge is to retain what you have learnt and avoid being too impatient in love and life.You may have been involved with several signs in past lives, look for karmic links with your opposite sign of Libra and Aquarian people. More often than not in past lives, you were learning to be a warrior character and about standing in your own power and in so learning may have had to leave love behind or been separated from your loved ones by circumstances outside your control such as wars or conflicts affecting your close partnerships. Your soulmate in this life, has to accept the person that you are and are evolving to be and despite your reputation for being a loner you relish being a good partner and are highly romantic. You are likely to meet past loves in your career area or in doing projects of interest.

Taurus – You are a fixed Earth sign and value enduring partnerships where you can be appreciated for your gifts of sensuality and staying power as a mate. You are likely to have spent several past lives in situations where you had to manage either land or a business or where you had to be highly responsible for others. Karmic connections may have occurred with your opposite sign of Scorpio and you are very likely to meet again in this life, as you still may have more to work on as a couple or the sign of Sagittarius often plays a part too as a lover who teaches you to enjoy flexibility. You are looking for a very particular kind of mate and your destiny in this life is to find a person who supportive of you and wants to provide the same security as you do whatever sign the person is. Past lives have taught you about both the challenges and positive aspects of having a family of your own and in this life, you will find how well you manage life in this area,as you have developed skills from other lives that maybe useful. Your true soulmate will appreciate all you offer .

Gemini – You are a Mutable Air sign and have learnt in past lives to value the intellectual side of partnership. In past lives you may have been a writer or a communicator or someone who worked to pass on information or teach. You have a karmic link with your opposite sign of Sagittarius and you may have had more than one love in life as well, as you attracted a number of potential partners. You learnt about balancing love with the mind in a past life and in this life you will find out how to teach your partner about being more rational in important aspects of your lives together. The signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn could play a role with you in this life as well, but whoever your partner in this life the person must demonstrate to you that he or she can be your friend and enjoy similar interests or you will tire quickly and move on. You are likely to meet more then one potential partner in this life, but finding the one who can hold your long term interest is the key to lasting love for you Twins of the zodiac.

Cancer – You are a Cardinal Water sign and in past lives were learning how important partnership was to your security, Cancerians. In past lives your sign may have lived near or on water, and you may have been connected to a prominent family or one who had wealth. In this life, you are likely to reconnect with those who were important to you in your key past lives and your opposite sign of Capricorn can play a role in this life as may have happened before. You also could find Virgo or Aquarius lovers reform ties with you in this life too or you have to make a choice between. Cancerians are usually individuals with strong characters and your past lives allowed you to forge the strength you have in this one. You will work constructively towards finding exactly the right partner and most of you succeed.In this life you are likely to meet a soulmate who values family life.

Leo – You are a Fixed Fire Sign Leo and romance and passion are high on your list of needs in love. Many of you relate well to the concept of past lives as you feel you know where your regal air has come from and why you often feel you deserve only the best in life and love! Past lives may have involved being a person of importance or renown and you may have met or married a person who worked for you which could happen again in this life. Some Leos spent time in or around courts or places of rulership and in this life you must see how you handle balancing your needs for excitement and self expression with the needs of your partner. The signs of Aquarius your opposite sign and Gemini could feature in your love life in this life and you will find that you are happiest with a mate who shares and encourages your creativity. Leos will sacrifice a lot for love, but they also expect the mate to return their contribution. Your real soulmate is a generous person who loves your sunny nature.

Virgo – Past lives and loves for Virgos may have involved lives where you organized others in some way as you bring as a Mutable Earth Sign these talents into this life. You may have been trusted for your discernment in love and you could be relied on as a person who worked hard and diligently. You may have married a boss or someone you worked for or in turn found love in your domestic area or home area, something which may happen again in this life. You have a need for family and usually like at least one child and in this life a person born under your opposite sign of Pisces could play a role or be someone who you find supports you or your work. Other signs that could play a role from past lives are Aquarius and Gemini. Virgos need to be appreciated in love and you may re meet with a mate from a past life who fits this bill. You have a great capacity to help your mate with healing, but must be careful not to get caught up in saving others to your detriment.

Libra – You are a Cardinal Air Sign Librans and your charm and diplomacy have been learnt from past lives where you studied and worked hard to keep a poised front to others. Ruled by Venus, you may have spent some past lives where you had to learn to be faithful and loyal to one person, as your personal gifts and attractive nature may have attracted too many temptations! You are strongly drawn to your opposite sign of Aries but you also have karmic connections to those born under Scorpio and sometimes Taurus. Whatever sign you end up with, you must find harmony and peace with your mate or the relationship will cool quickly. Past lives for you likely involved playing a role of a peacemaker or arbiter and some of you lived lives as artists.In this life you may meet your soulmate from your interest in the arts. Although you are averse to arguments you may attract a mate who loves to debate but you may enjoy this .

Scorpio – You are a Fixed Water Sign Scorpio and in past lives your flirtation with passionate encounters could have taught you much about discretion in love affairs. In this life you will learn if you are now ready to give a partnership the serious devotion that it requires! Scorpios have spent a number of lives learning about personal power and your intensity as a lover cannot be equalled. You may have karmic ties with a Taurus which is your opposite sign or have lovers who are born under Aries or Pisces. Scorpios’ past lives may have involved learning about jealousy and possessiveness in love, and the importance of kindness towards a loved one.You are likely to meet two potential soulmates, and could either settle young or twice over your life at least.Scorpio is a highly sensitive sign and can often have psychic experiences with lovers. In a past life you may have worked closely with people who were healers and in this life will want to study or learn more about this area perhaps with a partner.

Sagittarius – You are a Mutable Fire Sign, Sagittarius and as such you have a very powerful need for freedom in love and in your affairs of the heart. Sagittarians are a sign most often associated with travel, and it is likely that you spent time in foreign lands in a past life which may explain to you why you long to travel in this life or learn about foreign cultures. You may have married someone with an age gap or from a different culture in a past life and may find that you are attracted to such a person in this one as well.You are drawn to Geminis, your opposite sign, Cancerians and sometimes Taureans. You may have been a trader or a seller in a past life or worked in or around animals and your love of animals often draws you to a soulmate who is the same and loves them too. You have learnt in past lives that relationships need passion and you will show your mate that it is more than okay to keep the romance and excitement in any connection.

Capricorn –You are a Cardinal Earth Sign Capricorn and may have had several past lives where you sheltered or cared for a large group or were the head of a family. You learnt to value solid conservative goals and in this life, you look for a devoted partner who matches your interests. However, you may have also learnt in past lives that an over emphasis on material matters can stifle love and your challenge in this life is not to be too austere a mate to your partner. Soulmates born under your opposite sign of Cancer may play a role in this life, as well as those born under Scorpio or Aquarius. Capricorns are very ambitious for their mates and will support their success but in a past life you may have suffered from neglect in partnerships so you will actively seek a mate who is attentive in this one.Your ruling planet is Saturn and you could have found in a past life that you worked too hard to enjoy love, so in this life will seek to make time if you can.

Aquarius – You are a Fixed Air Sign Aquarius and you love a mate who is in tune with you spiritually and mentally.In your past life you may have been unconventional in some way or sought to stand out from the crowd. You are likely to have had more than one lover or a group of friends amongst whom you may have had several lovers or significant others. Your sign believes in total freedom in love, although conversely you can demand intense interest from your loved ones. In your recent past lives, you may have been determined to show you could make it on your own and in this life, you will find out more about balancing your highly individual self with a loved one.You are one sign who prefers to go it alone rather than be with a mate who limits your free spirit. You may find a soulmate from the signs of your opposite sign of Leo,Cancer or Virgo. In past lives you may have been restricted in love, so in this life, you seek a mate who is tolerant.

Pisces – You are a Mutable Water Sign Pisces and you may often feel that you recognize loves in this life from a past one. Your sign is a romantic and passionate one but you also have very deep feelings about humanity and your place in it. In past lives you may have been a very spiritual person or even someone who spent time away from society involving yourself in learning or study. You also learnt in past lives how important it is to respect yourself and in this life, your relationships will show you whether you have learnt to balance this side of yourself as you are a lover who often forgets your own needs! Pisceans are often attracted to their opposite sign of Virgo, another Pisces or an Aries and you may have had significant ties with any of these signs in another incarnation.Expect to have precognitive visions about your true soulmate or to find one who is highly psychic as you are.

Your past lives and your Star Sign can be a valuable tool of insight into your feelings and your love life, should you wish to know more about this area or have a reading on your love life, please contact me online for chat or phone calls .


Love and Light


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