Your Inner Moonchild

By Brenda: Did you ever wonder what role the moon plays in your life? How the position of the moon in your astrological chart at the time of your birth drives your personality? The three most defining aspects of your astrological birth chart are your Sun sign, Ascendant and your Moon sign. Your moon sign is the sign in which the moon was in at the time of your birth. Your Moon sign is the sign that governs your emotions and how you relate to people in personal relationships.

The moon is also your mother and your physical mother often will have the same sun sign as your moon sign. As Far as compatibility in love, your Moon sign is even more important than your Sun sign. 

Moon in:



Aries is a passionate sign. They are motivated by love and will go to the ends of the earth for the one they love! They like to win and will pursue their goals with fiery determination. Men with moon in Aries  are adventurous and romantic. They like to talk about their feelings sometimes too much! Moon in Aries plays hunches using the intuitive energy of the moon to make big moves in both career and love.


Moon in Taurus is the ultimate romantic. Lavish dinners, Champagne and over the top gifts could characterize a romance with a Taurus moonchild.  Deeply sensuous they show their feelings physically and could very easily sweep you off your feet. Emotions and passions sizzle beneath the surface and can be elusive to understand. A Taurus moon is not one to reveal deep feelings preferring to show rather than talk about it.


When a moon in Gemini talks about their emotions it is to analyze and over analyze until like Alice in wonderland they really don’t know what they feel. Their emotions do not run deep but rather skate over the top and could change at any moment. Like the twin that they are there are always two sides to their emotions. The Gemini lover will never bore you and you can always expect the unexpected!


Cancer, the Moon child is driven by the moon. A cancer Moon sign is an emotionally smart and very fluid placement for the moon. They are nurturing, protective of their feelings and sentiments especially for those that they care about. Even a hard headed Capricorn with a Cancer moon can shed a tear in an emotional situation. In the area of love Cancer moon is sensitive and wants honesty in a partner any whiff of deceit could send them retreating into their shell.


A Leo moon demands attention. They are sensitive, like to be at the center of emotional dramas and when that does not happen, they often create an emotional situation to bring the attention back on them. Moon in Leo is loyal and fiercely protective of those who have earned their love. Leo moon loves large and is demonstrative and showy in their love relationships.


Virgo moon people often take an analytical view of emotions. Structure and organization is important to them and they may find themselves asking “What is it that I really feel? And what is the reason?”. They tend to stay true to thinking with their head as opposed to their heart. Virgo moon wants security in love and that also means stability in career and money.


Libra Moon lives for romance and will put love connections and relationships first in their lives. They always strive for emotional balance but are not fond of confrontations. They will tend to put others’ needs first in a love relationship which could build up and backfire in the form of emotional outbursts. Ruled by Venus the planet of love Libra has strong powers of attraction which can be felt by those around them.


Moon in Scorpio is hyper-focused on their own emotions and how they others relate to them. They tend to be very much in their head when it comes to love relationships. Love connections with a Scorpio can be intense and all-consuming to the point of spiritual and psychic connections.


Moon in Sag is the placement for an emotional free spirit. They have an adventurous romantic side and the desire to explore. They like their freedom and get bored easily and could change directions at the drop of a hat. They are always on a quest and must have the freedom to express it. Love with a Sag moon can be full of real fun and adventure.


Dedication and responsibility are the mark of this moon placement.  Capricorn moon is most happy when working towards a goal and their emotions are connected to their accomplishments and success. Love connections must have substance and be based on trust and honor or Cap will not stick around. Never shying away from hard work Capricorn is willing to put in the time if they can see success at the end.


The humanitarian of the zodiac Aquarius wants to experience their emotions as part of the collective. Always striving to do the right thing they can have a tendency to put the greater good above their own happiness. Friendship must be first in love relationships and must be the basis for a successful partnership, a partnership of equals that honors both of you in all aspects of the relationship.

Pisces Moon

Great empathy makes this moon placement, an uneasy placement of the moon where emotions can be too overwhelming and can engulf a person in a sea of emotions. Pisces moon moves up and down and can be very elusive in expressing what it is they really feel. Pisces moon is deeply psychic and can connect with their lovers on a spiritual plane and even the dream state. Their biggest challenge in the area of love is being able to distinguish the illusion from reality.


Love and Light,


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