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By Carmel: We have come to the end of the year and soon we will be celebrating the Festive Season, in the old Pagan, the Yule Period and the Christmas Holiday Season. It is time to think of others who we like to share our compliments of season with and to donate what we can in any way to helping causes or interests that benefit the community especially those that most need it.

This year, it’s so important, especially given the times we have lived through in the last two years, to remember all the people who are special to us and I know some of you are planning to do just that, but it is also important to recall that not all people can be with their loved ones at this period either, so make sure you touch base with all those you do care for, they may truly appreciate a card, a quick message or a small gift or even if you just let them know you are thinking of them!

Let us look at your general Holiday Reading for this special period.


This year, we have the 9 of Cups as your significant Card for this period and the Stars for Christmas Day promise a very memorable time ahead indeed with Venus in Capricorn, Sun in Capricorn. The 9 of Cups is a card that speaks to the heart in relation, of course, to wishing for happiness and joy for ourselves, but also for thinking of ways we can give some of that to others. Some people feel a lot of pressure around this Season to get things totally right or are so busy finishing all the last minute details or even having to work too hard at organizing over the period that they get very stressed even at the thought of it! This is not the case with the star energy this year, so prepare to be surprised at how some very special moments can be created with an emphasis on taking control over how we celebrate this period and looking after our own interests and well-being as part of that. Get on you creative caps early and work out what areas of personal fulfillment you have been missing out on, whether it is time to sit down and watch a movie with a significant other, at home or in a cinema whichever is the best practical or available choice to you given some places may still be in lockdown, or practice that musical piece you have been setting aside to do. Make a video of you doing your thing creatively and send it to your friends they will love it! You may like to book in that time you want to spend with that special person or friend you hardly ever see whether it is a personal moment you can get together face to face or over a zoom meeting. Make a decision to plan the day, that is where the energy of Venus in the practical sign of Capricorn will really help you this year in giving you the energy to organize your period successfully.

Discuss this with people you want to connect with shortly, and you may be delighted to find they are only too ready to fall in with your plans. Those of you who have spiritual plans or want to spend time with others of like mind in your local community will find that you enjoy yourselves greatly and find new hope in sharing your dreams and inspirations with others.

If you are in a situation where you are separated or at a distance from family or a close loved one, let them know ahead you want to book in the time with them and plan what you will do or discuss but try to keep the energy harmonious. Many people bottle up their emotions over the year and then see the Festive Season as a time to let others know what they really feel without considering the effect they have on others, but the best advice is not to use this time for that release, but instead only select people to be with who are non-toxic companions and who respect you and your energies. This should not be a time of getting out of balance, but instead a period of peace and relaxation so let the past stay in the past and look to the future.

If you are planning a holiday away, the best ones will be where you have planned and organized them carefully. There will be no need to overspend this Season, many people have a lot on their plate at this time, so be practical about who is doing what and contribute in ways that are of value but do not have to cost you or others a great deal. A thoughtful gift from something you make yourself to a gift that is practical and necessary for the intended recipient is far more appreciated than something that is very expensive but not of use to the person.

The Tarot Card of the 9 of Cups denotes a time when special dreams or hopes can be fulfilled or you may find others who share the same dreams as you do. We all need companions on our path in life and this Season favors loved ones of all types, from partners to family members from close friends to those who we may not see very often. If you are in a cycle where you have found you are moving on from old friendships or connections that no longer serve you, do not be discouraged, you could soon find that you are actually ready to connect with a new group of people who you can share with a great deal more. Draw comfort from realizing that if you want to have a friend you have to be one. We can almost always find a place where our unique gifts and talents can be appreciated, but we have to start to think that positive way about ourselves before we can have the confidence to offer what we have to share with others.

Jupiter will go into Pisces from late December making this a time when love relationships will bloom and take on a whole new meaning so if you still have not found the person you want to be with as a committed partner, 2022 is one of your best periods yet to meet that special person so stay positive if that event has not yet happened for you this year.
Under Jupiters’ benevolent influence you may find a partner who is on the exact right emotional wavelength to you or heal a rift that has separated you from the person you love.

If you are born under a Water Sign like Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer, expect this season to be an emotional one, but also one of deep joy, where you can really get a great deal from your closest relationships with just the right amount of effort. If you can take time out of your busy schedule to go to visit a person or family that means a lot to you you could find there are some delightful moments in store for you too. Wear deep blue for luck this Christmas and if you are holidaying near water as many of you Water signs do, be sun and water smart to enjoy your season in the best way.

If you are born under an Earth Sign like Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo, you will be in your element with a very down to earth Festive Season ahead and have wonderful memories to make with partners, children and younger family members. Spread the joy early by seeing if you can offer your wonderful practical talents of organizing and supporting others to get the right mood for special days ahead. Everything from preparing festive foods, to teaching younger members skills you are adept in is on the list for you this season. Some of you may also get a Pet as a present this year which will keep you very busy with animal love! Wear colors of brown or deep gold for luck this Season, and holiday near nature if you can.

If you are born under a Fire Sign like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, then this period will be one where you are likely to make a real effort to reconnect with people from your past, and with the 9 of Cups as your reading for the Season, you are likely to rekindle these connections. People from your past may feature in the new year for some of you, while others may meet a person who is very compatible with them in the next few months ahead. This person could be someone you may meet through a mutual acquaintance. Others will be excited to plan meetings with significant others in the coming year with travel a potential part of it. Wear pink or orange this season for luck or if you are bold try teaming both colors up for a cool holiday look look. Take your break closer to home this year if you can, but if traveling allow plenty of time for completing your trips.

If you are born under a Air Sign like Gemini, Libra or Aquarius this coming period for you will be interesting as you decide to try some new hobby out over the Season or return to one you loved that you have not had the opportunity to enjoy for quite a while! A fellow Air Sign could join in with you as well with joyful memories likely ahead for both of you.

A trip with a difference could await you over the period but could be quite unexpected or connected with the plans of a friend or relative. Be flexible and open minded and you will enjoy it. Wear light blues or white or both over for luck and holiday with minimum fuss wherever you choose to spend the time. Quality of company will count the most.

Have a wonderful Season ahead and I wish you a very happy ,safe and light filled year ahead. Thankyou to all my clients I speak to on LifeReader, I have loved reading for each and every one of you over the last year.

If you would like to speak with me about your holiday plans or indeed any area of your life from love to career to life purpose please contact me at Life Reader for chat or phone reading.


Love and Light


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