Your Fate In Your Hands

By Brenda: Everybody carries around with them a personal road-map of fate. What will be, what is happening now in your life and even how long you will live your life. This personal oracle made of fine lines, squiggles, shapes and stars is your palms. The study of palmistry or Chiromancy is a study going back thousands of years. Palmistry and the study of palms as an oracle started as far back as ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece.

Some of the first writings on the practice of palm reading go back as far as Aristotle in 384 BC. Alexander the Great was a believer in palmistry and made it a practice to read the palms of his soldiers. In ancient India Palmistry was linked with Vedic Astrology and spread throughout Europe through the Roman Fortune tellers. During the Renaissance period, Palmistry or Chiromancy was viewed as pagan superstition and was classified as one of the forbidden arts of divination such as Necromancy.

1brenda2 Modern Palmistry made a revival with the Chirological Societies of Great Britain and America in the last 1800’s. These societies were set up to advance and create a standardized system for modern practice of Palmistry. However, due to the long occult history of Palmistry/Chiromancy several methods had evolved over hundreds of years. The Hindu based methods and the methods that were carried forth by the Romans were most always Astrologically based. A method in which the fingers and palms were all related through the planets and planetary energies. The other method that developed was through the actual shape and appearance of the palms which remains to this day as the most popular form of palm reading. Every palm reader just like every psychic reader uses the basic techniques and builds upon them using their own intuitive gifts. Some of the basic techniques are:

The Shape of the hand is categorized by the four major elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Most hands, though having the basis of one element most often are a combination.

Earth hands are generally characterized by wide square palms and fingers, coarse skin and ruddy coloring. In the Earth palm the length of the palm is equal to the length of the palm. Earth palms belong to people that are practical, earthy, hardworking and often work with the land or livestock.

Air hands are characterized by square or rectangular palms with long fingers, protruding knuckles and low set thumbs. The length of the palm from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers is equal. Air hands belong to thinkers, teachers and philosophers.

Water hands are usually characterized by a conical shaped palm and long smooth fingers. Often called the royal palm the conical shaped palm belongs to intuitives, artists and those with leadership abilities. The length from the wrist to the palm is less than the length of the palm to the fingers.

Fire hands are characterized by wide or square palms with short fingers. The length of the palm is greater than that of the fingers. Fire hands belong to action oriented people, soldiers, policeman, defenders. Fire hand people can be quick to anger.

The Lines: The major lines of the palms are the Life line, Heart line, Head line, Fate line and Girdle of Venus.

The Life line starts from between the thumb and Index finger and extends in an arc down to the base of the thumb. The life line is an indicator of the length and health of a person’s life. A deep, strong, unbroken line indicates a robust constitution where a thin line with feathers or tiny lines intersecting and breaking the line indicates health challenges. Very fine lines are the lines of an intuitive or sensitives palm.

The Head line extends from below the index finger across the palm. It is an indicator of a person’s thought process, creativity and career path. A forked head line usually indicates more than one career.

The Heart line makes an arc between the index and middle finger to the end of the palm. The heart line is an indicator of a person’s love, fate, marriage and relationships. Islands and ovals located on the love line represent deep love connections. A line between the Head and Heart are indicators of marriage.

The Fate line runs from the bottom of the ring finger to the base of the palm. The Fate line is an indicator of a person’s individual life’s path. Their career and education, public recognition is indicated by a star at the very top of the fate line. The Fate line can also indicate unknown potential and challenges.

The Girdle of Venus presents itself as an arc that runs from between the index and middle finger to between the ring finger and little finger. The girdle of Venus represents a person’s emotional temperament and manipulation.

The Mounts are other indicators of a person’s character and fate. The Mounts are located under each finger, under the thumb and on the side of the palm. The mount of Jupiter the planet of expansion and luck is located under the index finger. The mount of Saturn the planet of lessons and karma is located under the middle finger. The mount of Apollo is located under the ring finger and is often referred to the finger of creativity. The mount of Mars is located under the little finger and indicates how a person takes action in their life. The Mount of Venus is the pad under the thumb and an indicator of a person’s passion. A flat mount belongs to a cool, passionate person where a pronounced one represents a passionate and hedonistic person.

The minor lines: The palmist learns to read not only the major lines, shape of the palm and the mounts. They learn many of the minor lines such as the stars, squares and squiggles. And depending on where they are placed in the palm they add further information to the palm reading. Palmistry is one of the psychic arts and when combined with the traditional meanings of the lines, shape and mounts and the psychic’s own intuitive energy it becomes a powerful divination tool that stays with a person throughout their life and even changes over time. A person’s own physical oracle to the future!


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