Year Of The Tiger 2022

By Carmel: What do the stars hold for you in 2022? This year is a year when we will learn much more about the spiritual or metaphysical sides of life. With the strong influence of 3 2s in this year’s numbers, we can expect a year when working with one other or a group will be vitally important to our happiness and wellbeing. Expect improvements in most personal relationships if you are prepared to put in the hard work to see the results. 

This is a year when we really need to learn about and integrate into our close and working relationships the values of trust and mutual respect in order to get the best possible outcomes, so what kind of year will your Sign have in the year ahead? This is also the year of the water Tiger in the Asian astrology from February 1, so expect to learn a lot about your life’s emotional concerns. Courage, perseverance and leadership will pay off well for you if you incorporate all of these in all your endeavors in the next 12 months. Depending on your Sun Sign , this year will hold some unique adventures and insights so read on:


Aries –With Mars still in Capricorn in the stars as the year begins Aries, many of you are developing a new way of looking at their career and vocation areas. There is still a period of hard work or study ahead but you will find that you have the necessary drive and determination to do the things you really need to do to get things moving towards a better conclusion or start new projects to initiate changes. You will also find that work is the area you are most likely to meet a new partner or someone who has an appeal to you. Take it slowly if you need to but make sure you stay true to self in any romantic or love commitment in this period. Use the benevolent energy of Jupiter in Pisces to devote more time emotionally to the people who are truly important to you in your life, as this will pay off in a way you do not expect. Libra and Scorpio could accompany you in relationships this year! Important months for Aries are – February, March and July. For couples, practice tolerance.

Taurus – Your home base will be very important to you this year Taureans as you make the necessary moves to look after financial and practical parts of your life. If your health is an important area for you to focus on this year, the good news is that you may find the right information this year to make the right decisions for you. Do not be overprotective of people you care for, it maybe that you need to loosen the bonds somewhat to keep your relationships alive and energized. Family needs your attentions in so many ways this year but you also need time to relax. Schedule regular breaks and take up a hobby you enjoy as well. Love is well favored especially with an old flame. You could also meet someone new locally. Important months for you are September and December. Save some time for renovations or improvements around the home base.

Gemini – You Geminis who have been looking for love in the past two years could get a chance to meet the right soulmate energy this year! The fortunate periods for love are February to June and again from August to September. For those of you who have a desire to connect again with a lover from your past the period around April when Venus is in Aquarius could really favor your hunt for that special someone or give you the chance to reconnect with a lover you have lost touch with. Partnership matters will be very important to you this year Geminis and those of you who are already in a union can expect to find you have special times to grow together by the spring. Career and work are of equal weight for you this year but should not be areas of concern .The months of July, August and October will see you ready to go out in the open with a new love affair or put energy into plans with a partner for your future lifestyles.

Cancer – Determination to find meaning in your life will lead some Cancerians on a joyful journey to self discovery this year. Whatever path you are following now, know Cancerians that you can make this year a worthwhile time for personal growth and contentment, There could be a metaphysical group you wish to join or you could even start one yourself. Practical matters like health, finances and money could be of importance to you as well this year with February, March and July being important months. Attend to regular health check ups, get into some positive natural therapies that complement your health routine and reap the benefits of mindfulness or gentle meditation .Use your time wisely and attend to any outstanding matters to do with family concerns.

Leo – This year is very important to Leos and the influence in Saturn in Aquarius opposite their Sun Sign will stimulate a need to get your life more streamlined in order to more easily meet the challenges of this period. Sort the chaff from the grain, invest in your career or vocation in some way and learn more about the power of positive thinking to help you to visualize the type of life you want to have, Emotionally you long for freedom in some situations that may have been holding you back and only partners or friends who are on the same wavelength as you will feature in your future as you decide to make room for new experiences. There could be a love returning into your life from the past this year or you could meet a Leo or an Aquarian who is ready to embark on some adventures with you if you are single,

Virgo – This year brings you the information you need to progress very well in matters of love, relationships , family and friendships Virgo. Being a sign that is extremely interested in health and wellbeing for yourself and others, you are also usually a very sentimental and caring person too, but this year will find you being very selective about choosing health programs that work for you in the long term. Some Virgos may decide to take up a hobby in a new cooking or nutrition pursuit while others who have green fingers may grow their own small vegetable or herb garden. Friendships with Aries or Libra people may feature for you this year who may share your interests. As for love and romance , make an effort to reconnect with lovers and partners from the past and be open to romance finding you from or through friendship.

Libra – Working out a whole new fitness regime and sticking to it could be on the cards for some Librans, as they look at their star landscape for 2022.New Years Resolutions are looking far more likely to be kept as you work out what your priorities are. Jupiter in Pisces allows you to see your life in a more balanced and wholesomely grateful way, which will reap benefits for you in your wellbeing parts of your life as well. A new image makeover is as good as a holiday for you this year with a getaway possible as well in the last 3 months to a place where you can enjoy natural beauty. Those of you who are interested in improving their lifestyle or property could get the chance to do so in that period as well. Good star mates for you are Gemini and Sagittarius .

Scorpio – A dramatic but life changing period awaits many of you Scorpions this year. Watch a tendency to burn out your energy too early as the year starts with the Sun in ambitious Capricorn but in the months of February to May you have some excellent cycles ahead of you to make your mark in those areas that are most important to you in career , finance and vocational pursuits. Jupiter in Pisces with Uranus in Taurus promises you a positive time of aligning your goals with loved ones or valued associates .Do not let your emotions run away with you in love relationships but favor only those potential partners who have your best interests at heart. Valued connections can occur with those born under the signs of Taurus and Capricorn or Geminis if they have mature natures .

Sagittarius – 2022 gives you Saggies a promise of new and wider horizons , allowing you more freedom to connect with those people who value your wise advice and companionship .Whether 2022 finds you with new friends or revisiting good times with old ones, you will not be short of greater opportunities to find the type of social connections that you want. Upgrading your computer skills could assist you with attracting better work or career movement as well, but the real career highlight of your year this year maybe the option to work with a like minded associate and you may even try your hand at a new business or begin an interest that can help you grow financially. A deep thinking Piscean could appeal to you this year !

Capricorn – Your Sign has been going through some of the most powerful changes of all you Goats of the western zodiac! Your Cardinal Earth sign loves to see the fruits of long invested in labor but in the last two year cycle you may have found challenges that did hold your ambitions back to a significant degree with the Saturn Pluto conjunctions in your Sign truly affecting your life by .Use the energy of the 2022 year to widen your perspectives on life and listen up to those who have wisdom and experience to share with you, even if they are coming from another field or life experience. They too have their story to tell. Your need to make that grade in life, can limit the time you have to enjoy relationships so enjoy intimate dates with significant others when time permits. June and July are special months for you. Scorpio and you make the best star combination this year with Taurus if single.

Aquarius –This new year starts with a bang for you Aquarius as many see the sign of the Tiger corresponding to your Western sign! Whatever you life is right now, do not be afraid to work towards and visualize a dynamic future. Aquarians with major plans in mind may find that they reach their first steps this year and with patience and perseverance , much progress can be made .Associates and partners could be more inclined to listen to your side of things this year with a number of significant work related events showing up as likely as well .Aquarians who are looking for love could find that they get love” knocking on the door “, literally, in the months of August through to October. Look for a mate from your own sign or that of Aries or Libra this year .Your experiences of life have taught you to value who you really are , success is assured.

Pisces – This year of the Water Tiger is a wonderful and healing time for you Fishes of the zodiac! The Jupiter Pisces period as the year begins indeed smiles on you by Jove! The journey or trip of your life awaits and joys will be there for you for the taking with close partnerships , friends and family. Pisceans looking for a change of pace in career or work , can look forward to being given the chance to improve on their chances by late May with a number of you opting to give some time to learning more about the fields of natural therapy, meditation and wholesome nutrition as well. Any time spent near or on water could be beneficial this year and if you cannot get to the ocean, then try having some time near lakes and or rivers. You have come so far my Neptunian ruled friends and the world needs your wisdom, compassion and humor. Shine your light now. Stay calm and prosper ! Any sign of the zodiac could find you that special person this year! Enjoy that attention as you deserve it.


Love and Light,


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