Will You Align With Your Divine Plan In 2020?

By Kian: Hi everyone, I have been involved in spiritual work for over 20 years and I am looking forward to helping many of you on your journey.

The Divine Plan


Before we are born, we are at one with spirit. Like a drop in the ocean of universal energy. On the journey to mastery, we may incarnate hundreds of thousands of times gradually refining our development until we eventually reach oneness again. In a sense, there are no mistakes as all experiences serve as catalysts to draw us back to the light. However, there is a Divine Plan or path that is laid out by us and in agreement with the universe before we are incarnated each lifetime. This is a road map of our personal plan to progress on our journey. I call this the Divine Plan.

Being Responsible for our Journey

Each family member, each partner, each child, each friend, each foe, are all brought to us to help us to move forward on our journey. Depending on each person’s choice, these lessons can come through positive or negative interactions. Each dynamic has within it the essential lesson that we need to learn to develop spiritually. Some people may trigger strength in us by being strong, others by suppressing us. Some may teach us patience through demonstrating it for us or testing ours. Some may teach us love, though loving us and others by showing us hatred or abuse. It is our responsibility as spirits to recognize the divine purpose behind each experience and personal dynamic that we have so that we may use it as a tool to move us forward on our journey. If we “loved” or accepted every experience as divine we would suffer a lot less or in other words, if we had the ability not to judge things they literally wouldn’t affect us. Unfortunately, we are genetically and socially programmed to judge everything and so begins our gradual immersion in the illusion of the earth plane. We have essentially “forgotten our oneness” and are born into a matrix reality that is actually a polar opposite reflection of the spirit realm.

The Spirit Realm

In the spirit realm, there is no duality and no time. Everything is one and happening simultaneously. There is no separation/attachment, no love/hate, no success/failure, no good/bad. These are all constructs of our minds and social culture. We are lonely, we want company, we are sad, we want happiness, we are tired, we want rest, but no matter how hard we try, we can never quench our eternal thirst which is not really for any earthly thing. It is for that which is unearthly. Spirit. The light.

Choosing Spirit

In order to “choose” to go back to the light, we must seek to remember our path. This seeking is what helps us remember spirit and ultimately choose spirit over this world. This gives us a potential to become as gods if we can master this plane by living our lives in alignment with spirit over and over again until we eventually have no attachment to this illusionary world. Eventually, everything, every achievement, every virtue, every person, even the most precious ones, must be recognized as projections. We are not of this world. We are spirits in bodies in the play of life and nothing we can achieve here brings us closer to oneness except the pure desire and choice to return to it above all things.

Wanting to Know the Truth

I use many techniques in my healing work, but everything revolves around the Divine Plan. It is my goal to guide you to align with the highest version of yourself (your spirit). I do not want to tell you what your “Ego” wants to hear because I would not be serving you. People often get angry or disappointed when I say things like “your soul mate is nearby (energetically) but there are a few blockages you need to clear to be resonating at the right place to attract/meet them.” Other people embrace the challenge and want to know the truth. It is this desire for the truth that will bring you back to spirit.

The Purpose of Dis-ease

There are four (4) things that can pull us away from our divine plan and that still ultimately serve as catalysts to inspire us to change. These factors can affect us in a number of ways and usually result in dis-harmonious feelings and manifestations. This can include depression, anxiety, fatigue, apathy, confusion, unrest, dis-orientation, body pain, illness, anger, etc. Our physical, emotional, mental bodies are amazing and they are designed to warn us when we are in danger. People often view these illnesses as problems, but they are simply our wonderful bodies sending us warnings that we are off track. When we are aligned with our Divine Plan, we are in the moment and feel calm, relaxed, focused, happy, healthy and at peace.

The Big Four (4) things that pull you away from your Divine Plan:

1. Dis-incarnated beings (The Dead)

These are people that have died and have not gone through to the light. They are caught in limbo as they still have too much attachment to the earth plane. They exist in a parallel reality that is not the spirit world, but a halfway house where they cannot find peace. This has been described in biblical texts as “hell” but it is never eternal. There is always a way back to oneness even if it takes a billion lifetimes.

These spirits have sometimes die suddenly and are confused or unprepared and unaware they have died or can be stuck because of too much earthly ambition, an attachment to a loved one, attachment to a place or may be trying to get a message to a loved one. When a dis-incarnate is attached to us, we feel absolutely terrible.

Some people who I have worked with have up to 5 attachments at a time. These people are always depressed, confused and anxious and can have bizarre experiences like hearing voices or having thoughts that are not their own. During my sessions, I move these trapped spirits through to the light. It is much more powerful if the client does it with me. This is a short but very powerful evocation and visualization technique that was taught to me by my shamanic teacher. She has now passed through and works with me from the other side. Sometimes the spirit will be a deceased loved one trying to get a message through which I will pick up and pass on. This can often leave the client in tears of joy as they are able to serve their deceased loved ones to crossover and be at peace. They also often receive powerful messages that the spirits have been trying to communicate.

2. Personal Dynamics (Now)

Ever met someone who was really super “nice” on the surface, but somehow gave you the creeps? Ever been talking to someone who is projecting happiness on the surface, but you sense an “inner sadness”? These are sure signs that a person is out of alignment with their Divine Plan. I often say I would prefer a “real” angry person than a “fake” happy person. They are actually safer. You see, being on our Divine Plan doesn’t mean we are perfect or that we are always happy. It means we are aligned with “Truth”. Like a child that throws a tantrum, we are connected with how we really feel. When we lose touch with how we really feel we suppress our true feelings and these feelings are often projected onto others without us knowing. Bad vibes can be coming from a person even though they are attempting to be “good”.

These personal dynamics are there to help us grow. If we are in an illusion about how someone is then they can affect us or really we affect each other. Being in truth with someones underlying feelings allows us to stay safe and free of unwanted energy dynamics. These psychic frequencies can affect us more if we buy into the illusion or projection someone is pretending to be. Many believe that to be spiritual we must be “good”. This is the biggest lie of all. To be truly spiritual and align with our Divine Plan we must be “real” and move towards compassion, forgiveness and healing. But there is no point pretending because our underlying energy will continue to attract “mirror” experiences until we heal and release the wounds that are trapped in our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

During my sessions I look deep into the personal dynamics with the people in your life and help you see the truth and clear dis-harmonious patterns that do not serve your highest good… I have a gift for channelling and am able to act out or “become” the people’s psyches and yours also. This uncovers the true dynamics and helps to clear them.

3. Belief Systems (Past)

When we experience trauma, abuse, separation, confusion, etc., especially in our childhood and we are not able to process it properly negative patterns become programmed into our physical, emotional and mental bodies. On the physical level, we can experience illness, our emotions become suppressed, and our mind stores these traumas as programmed “word patterns”. These word patterns can become stuck in our sub-conscious and control our reactions and feelings around different life situations and feelings. This keeps us from making truly free choices and holds us back on our journey.

For example, a person may experience a feeling of separation from a family member and form a crystallized thought pattern like “I have to hold on tighter” or I’m never letting you go again”. As that person moves into relationships with others as an adult they may become possessive without knowing why. Living out the fear that is buried deep inside, they just feel like the person may run away at any moment. During my sessions, I pinpoint these fundamental belief systems. Right down to the exact time/age they occurred, the person or experience involved and the exact word patterns formed. I then use very gentle healing techniques to help you see and remove these so that you can move forward empowered. This can completely change how you feel and how you interact and also change the people and experiences you attract.

4. Actions (Now)

There are certain actions that will come up in your reading, these may be actions you are taking that are not aligned with your Divine Plan or actions you need to take to move forward. I use my psychic abilities to channel these actions and help you set a clear path towards your ultimate reality.

Will you align with your DIVINE PLAN in 2020?


Love and Light,


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