Why Won’t He/She Talk To Me?

By Crystal: As a Psychic Tarot Card Reader, Empath & being Clarisentient, I get asked this question many times a day. Most clients contact me asking about their partners, spouse, etc wanting to know why they are ignoring them, won’t answer the phone, ignoring text messages, etc. Communication is 90% of any relationship dynamic. Our non-verbal communication, body language, is 93% of our communication.

For example, have you ever just looked at your partner or spouse and knew exactly what they were thinking without either of you saying a word? It’s very powerful stuff.

1crystal8 Have you ever been walking along a street and run into an old friend? You ask that friend if they have time for a coffee – your friend looks at her watch but doesn’t say anything, and then looks at you. Neither of you has said anything, but you know that by looking at her watch, your friend is saying that she doesn’t have time for coffee. This is a good example of non-verbal communication.

Healthy communication in a love relationship, marriage, dating, etc is so important but difficult to achieve. Why is that? Every person has their own unique communication style. Misunderstandings and hurt feelings occur when two people in a relationship misunderstand the other person’s words and/or behavior.

I get asked constantly: “Why is he doing this? Or why is she saying that?” Very often people just misunderstand each other. The key is to find out what your spouse, partner, etc communication style is. You can do this by clarification. Meaning if your spouse, partner, etc says something you don’t understand, ask them to clarify what they mean. For example, your partner comes home from work and seems to be in a bad mood or being upset. The key is to reflect back to the other person how their behavior is being perceived or understood by you. This can be done by asking a question like this: “Hi honey, are you aware that you seem upset or angry right now?”

The other person may be genuinely unaware that they appear upset or angry with others. By pointing this out to them, they become more aware of their own behaviour, mood, facial expression, etc, and how that behavior then, in turn, affects you. We all have a different level of insight into our own behavior, facial expressions, etc – and a very subjective view of how that is perceived by others.

Having someone close to you make you aware of your behavior/communication style helps increase your own insight into your own behavior, and therefore, leads to positive changes in behavior, fewer misunderstandings and ergo, less conflict and arguments. So remember to make clarify, clarify, clarify your new mantra.

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