Why Have You Been Exhausted?

By Rani: Pisces, The New Moon has arrived to bring about a SHIFT! Pisces makes sure they don’t go undetected at all times! And they’re now causing a stir in your life! A magnificent, auspicious new moon arrives in March, suitable for manifesting whatever you’ve been dreaming of all winter.

The aura of this moon event is mystical and may possibly give a good revelation, since it falls in the changeable water sign of Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality. Although new moons may be felt for many days before and after they happen, the Pisces new moon fell on March 2nd at 12:36 p.m. ET/9:36 a.m. PT, prompting you to create powerful and spiritually rewarding goals.

Doesn’t that sound promising? Good fortune, on the other hand, is accompanied by a fair amount of ill luck before it manifests itself. So expect a lot of hard labor, weariness, energy cleansing, and turmoil in your relationships.


This is the Universe taking care of the administrative duties in your life Because Pisces’ ultimate goal is to assist others. They just understand how much it costs to make your goals a reality. As a result, I recommend that you accept this moment since the Universe is in charge. Relax and enjoy the wonderful chaos as it provides order to your life.

New moons in the twelfth sign of the zodiac, on the other hand, have an emotional and spiritual component to them. They’re usually programmed to make you think about your connections, patterns, and routines.

How you can embrace this Energetic Shift based on your star sign:

Aries: Stop for a while, Aries; your practical aims can wait. Take some time to focus on your soul – listen to music – get in touch with your Creative side and you’ll discover that your best idea or realization will come to you in that silence.

Taurus: Shift your perspective; you may be approached for help by others. Use this time to be selfless and watch your fortune turn around.

Gemini: You may be experiencing a rush of motivation and inventiveness; pour that energy into your Loved ones are they are currently exhausted from this shift.

Allow your walls to come down and let others see your free spirited side. As you are currently very grounded and you are in tune with this shift.

Cancer: Banish Self-Doubt from your mind. You are no longer your worst critic. You are now your Motivational speaker who is going to guide you through Life!

Leo: If you’ve been feeling depressed recently, it’s time to confront those feelings and bring them to the surface; with no bad energy around this New Moon, you’ll be in the best position to do so. You’ll be able to perceive the beauty after you’ve broken past your own barrier.

Virgo: It’ll seem frightening at first but now is the time for you to follow your Heart. Your logic is no longer serving your purpose right now. It is time to feel!

Libra: This is going to be hard but this New Moon’s focus is on YOU. Yes! You need to actually prioritize yourself. No for real! You must only think of yourself in order for you to clear the blocked energy you are currently holding.

Scorpio: You’ll be more creative than you’ve ever been, so take advantage and get started on those passion projects!

Sagittarius: The New Moon is activating your heart chakra, making you feel more sentimental and vulnerable than you have in the past. Even if it’s difficult, let things go and apologize. It is time for you to forgive. You are missing out on genuine Love because of this!

Capricorn: I know you have been misunderstood and vulnerable as of late. It is time to express yourself. You will feel blissful once you fall into the emotions this shift wants you to acknowledge.

Aquarius: Now is the time for you to make decisions. But this time you need to stick with it! I know this is unlike you but you desire for things to fall into place. Take accountability for your actions and your fate will turn.

Pisces: I do not need to tell you what is happening right now. Yes this is one of those rare occasions where assistance is not what you need. For right now you actually KNOW what you want and what you need.

For tailored guidance feel free to visit me for a chat! I will tap into your Chakras and use my oracle abilities to provide you with clarity.


Love and Light,


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