Why Do People Have Affairs ?

By Bill: We are all different, we think differently that is one of the many reasons I see there are millions of divorces, separations and people having affairs on their Partners. There are some out there that think that it is ok and all good to sleep around on their partners. Thus can lead to alcoholism, drug abuse and even more lead you to suicide in some sad cases.

That is Free Will,
I honestly see that if you have a Partner They are your Universe and Your Best Friend Yes?

“So why do people cheat or be unfaithful? In my years of guiding people from all walks of Life one thing is certain if you’re Not Happy in the relationship you are in you need to seek help to save it.

Ok let’s take a Look at some of the Reasons Why?

bill3 Wife or husband works long hours. He or She is not paying attention to their spouse, this could lead your partner feeling drained and tired or on that same note the wife or husband gets lonely for attention then they go out and meet someone where there is attraction, then lust can come into play. This is due to not listening to your partners needs they feel Loss of Love affection because of not spending quality time with your partner conversing is also a big part of the story too.

You do not have to feel alone there are many couples that feel the same way this is why separation is more than 97% into day’s world you do not have to be a number like the rest. I have worked with the Angelic realm for many years and I am here to help you it is so comforting to know that someone will listen and give you guidance just call me on life reader and then we can start to solve your problems.

Unless you have walked in another person’s shoes you do not know how the person feels if your husband /wife partner is cheating on you this can be a heart wrenching experience you think your friends can help they say leave him or her and this is not really what you want to hear you want to be heard and then you think what have I done wrong for this to happen, believe this when I say this it is not your fault these things sometimes just happen without any intention from your partner and other times it is deliberately done as well where you find out your partner has been having affairs for 10 years or less.

There is always a solution to what you are going through right now if this has happened to you in the past means that the next relationship you go into you will have trust issues unless you resolve the past hurts you will bring them into the future relationship and really do you want to do that?

I personally from a Man’s Point of view had a relationship were this happened, It is the most Heart wrenching feelings and you ask yourself will you ever trust again.

Your whole world collapses around you I see this can lead to making You a stronger Person, But not at this time though’ It takes Time to sort it out and work through it and get back on your Feet, and Mend the broken pieces of your heart and ready to face the world again. We all have friends that are having some sort of Problems in their relationship They went on line talked with psychics or counsellors and over time and Guidance they had forgiven the wrong doing of their Partners or have moved on, to happier relationships..
I encourage you if you are having any Problems or feel that there is a strain on Your Relationship.


Please don’t Hesitate to come on line and chat to me on Life Reader.

Love & Light cheers


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