Playing The Waiting Game

By Bill: The majority of people that come for a reading are in need of reassurance, clarity, honesty, and above all, compassion and empathy. People seek out readers that will listen without judgment and give honest insight into that certain individual’s problem and needs, and people can be very needy indeed.

Short note: “All Readers, Clairvoyants, Psychics, Shaman and Healers are not the same; we are all individual with diverse levels of insight.”

bill3 Relationship breakdown is the most common as I stated before “Why do People have Affairs”. 98% of the world’s population are in a relationship or marriage that is not working and communication is the KEY. We readers are here for you and we do care. You are important. We are here to guide you and to save your relationship or marriage. We shed light into your situation and help you work out why it’s not working.  As we know, there are two people in a relationship, but sometimes it feels like you’re the only one in the relationship if the other partner is not willing to change before it’s too late to save it. Time to sort it, you either work out or move on.  After all, you have free will.  After you have been hurt with a broken heart, you are seeking comfort, insight, clarity and guidance so you can grow and move forward in seeking and finding that soul mate or long term partner. Only if you choose to move forward, hopefully, through the universal guidance; you will find yourself with clarity through speaking to a reader.

Keep In mind, we are just vessels guiding you through the spirit realm, with the information given.

Sometimes, it’s very hard as people don’t give specific information. This makes it difficult for the reader to connect, because you want the reader to be specific. When we do ask questions, some people take it as we are probing for answers or they think we readers have the answers. We can only give you what we receive from our guides or who we channel through. You want us to solve your problem in 2 or 3 minutes?

This is impossible in some cases. But, we can, with a yes/no answer. With relationships, though, we are individuals; we are all different and have different needs and wants. Every reading is diverse and different. It’s the readers’ job to make people comfortable from the first point of contact. This will help the reader calmly delve into your situation. Some people are so skeptical while others just open up. It can be very emotional in some cases, so, please understand the reader is there for you.  All you are looking for is reassurance and empathy, and of course guidance.

It’s a humbling and enlightening experience being guided by the angelic realm, myself, the reader in guiding a person to the light as they find faith, clarity and growth as we work together through their experience. They move forward with an open heart and mind, but it’s a waiting game. There are no set time frames; it’s not set in stone. Time is hard, people get Impatient, and everything happens at the right time, then, it falls into place and comes into fruition when you see that the person that you are waiting for comes back or, that special person is coming into your life. Then, happiness and love are restored and that’s a beautiful thing. You also have to understand that venting on a reader has a level of karma is attached to it the law of cause and effect.


Love & Light,



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