Why Consult the Cards ?

For the purpose of this discussion we are considering looking at readings of either tarot, playing or gypsy cards.

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There are minor differences in their method and there are certainly some major differences in on what is on the face of the cards.

However, only tarot can be used as an objective tool in the pursuit of self-analysis by meditating on the archetype of each of into the Majors. Neither gypsy nor playing cards can provide you with that tool.

With tarot, the invaluable benefit of this kind of divination for self-awareness is that the cards never lie. Of course, the fortune-telling image of card reading still exists, and some of us really do want to ‘know what our future holds. As long as we don’t deny responsibility for our future choices by saying “the cards decided for me’, then card reading somehow, uncannily, seems to describe patterns of behaviour. We are exactly what the cards say we are.

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Many people turn to the tarot for its archetypal and symbolic significance in their lives.

All type of card reading allows you the chance to truly develop your own choices and journey in life and to bring greater awareness to your sense of purpose.

An Expression of any Given Moment

Regardless of which type of cards you are using they tend to reveal the energy and mood that is surrounding you and gives insight into yourself along with those surrounding you which in turn opens you to choices.

Card reading not only bring fresh insight into making choices, and allows you to develop trust in your instincts and intuition, but it also opens up new horizons in relationships, career issues and personal fulfilment. By tapping into the energy of the moment, you are literally tapping your own psyche. It can also bring you closer to the spiritual and psychic side of your nature.

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