Who HE Is And Why It’s Important? – Easter Reflections

By Isabella: His name is Jehoshua Bin David Bin Joseph also known as Jesus. He was born August 21, what many consider astrologically as a Leo, or lion. The Lion and the Lamb have more meaning than previously recognized. He was (is) 6’4 inches tall and weighed 179 in adulthood. His eyes are crystal blue, the color of the Mediterranean and when he looks into your eyes his energy pierces your soul. He was teacher, an example, a scholar and a student of life. His sole (soul) purpose was to walk the earth, be accepted as the incarnation of the greatest sum of the energy we call God and to teach everyone they TOO could do all he did in works and miracles. Sadly mankind being the ignorant, often defiant to their own detriment creatures they are, they believed he was a heretic and you know the rest.

In the book Conversations with God, Neale Walsh recalls a conversation he was having with God about how to do all that Jesus did. Neale claims he said something to the effect of; “If it’s so easy then why haven’t you sent someone down here to tell us that?”


God’s reply was classic: “I’ve sent many people but you guys keep killing them.” The notion that we can do all Jesus did frighten most. Most are often afraid they will misuse the gifts if they are able to access that much power which is fair and would probably happen. However, now more than ever is the time to look deeper within and discover the seat of your true existence.

All the power lies with you. You are choosing ALL of it no matter how it manifests. That a hard pill to swallow for those who wish to remain a victim. The fact is we choose by karma, either via our actions in previous lives or karma based on what you’ve put into the world this lifetime; or we choose by our thoughts, fears and to learn, grow and evolve and sometimes all the above. Jesus’s life is the way of wisdom; it is the way of humility and an exercise in utilizing love and peace as a method of accomplishing. He was not consumed by fear or money or ego, he was not controlled by stuff and the outer world. His life was a grand depiction of the inner world and everyone is comprised with that same universe within.

In your internal universe, self-love is the optimal foundation. The inner world feeds and is nourished by love, light, nature, music, art and beauty. The outer world is fed by success, money, power, greed and ego. They are in direct conflict with each other on a regular basis. The key is working in concert with each aspect, the outer and the inner worlds. There is no judgement on anything you do. You can have a nice home, car, money and success and still be able to activate the god within you so long as your inner world is the priority. If you are constantly striving for money, power or success you are missing the entire point.

Stripping away the ego and healing your emotional wounds, slights, hurts, insecurities is the beginning of empowerment. Once you discover what triggers you, then seek to heal those triggers, no one can use them against you. Once you love yourself, what others say about you no longer matters nor does it undermine who you are and what you are able to accomplish. Once you are centered preferably through daily meditation, you begin to view the world from a non-emotional perspective which enables compassion and a greater understanding of world events and personal ones. When you know yourself it becomes easier to navigate life and then you can create and manifest what you truly want in life.

Self-awareness is the key to spiritual growth and to human happiness. See yourself fully, be honest and don’t judge the parts you don’t like, just fix them. If you don’t know how give me a call. I have 30 plus years’ experience counselling people from all walks of life. I am always amazed at how many people avoid asking themselves the hard questions, the hardest always being, “what is wrong with me?” There is nothing wrong with you, you are a student in the University of Life and you will be growing until the day you die. We actually never stop growing. When you arrive in “heaven” you still learn and grow. It is never-ending.

As we approach Easter, remember Jesus’ life was an example on how to navigate life and live it to the fullest, without limitation. May your Passover, Good Friday and Easter be filled with love.


Blessings of Light and love,


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