Where Are The Angels?

By Gona: Benevolent and Guiding Angels are always around us, so we do not need to feel that we are alone in our struggles or quest.  We can make specific wishes and as long as our intentions and motivation is to give positively, then those wishes are delivered and do start to manifest on the Earthly Plane.

gona3 To help the process of making our wishes come true is to first and foremost, ask for what you truly desire.  The second step is to create an Action Plan on what “work” you are willing to do to make this desired wish a reality.  The last step is that as you do your best your angels/ascended masters will be the “wind beneath your wings” to help you achieve a particular wish or wishes; the following is a simplified example:

If you are wishing to assist in young children’s growth or wanting to teach then your desire would be to become a Teacher.  The next step would be to devise an action plan of getting a bachelor’s degree so that you would be eligible to apply to teachers’ college.  As you work hard on this action plan, the angelic forces will help you to achieve Victory in the teaching field.  This way we co-create our Life Script with our Angelic Guides.

By approaching a Psychic Reader or Channeling Angel Reader on the Life Reader platform makes the process of manifesting wishes more visible and clear as the reader can be honest in discovering your inner-truth and inner desires alongside with you.  As this information is brought to the surface in a reading, then your reader can also help you develop a “step by step ladder” which goes all the way to goal/wish achievement.

In addition, having faith and by believing in your Angels removes fears and blockages.  Our Angels want us to have all that we desire so that we can experience joy.  When we feel happy then we are able to give generously to others which will create an opulent and more peaceful world.

Love and Light,


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