Invoking Desired Love

By Gona: As LOVE brings joy, healing and peace, would you like to manifest in your life your very own coupling of Mars and Venus?

The first step is to recognize and realize that you have an “ocean” of love within your own mind, body and soul.

gona3 Next, project positive actions of love and caring onto your desired mate. As in Greek/Roman Mythology the action of love is also known as initiation; therefore, the initiation can be compared to your lover experiencing the sweetness of potent sweet honey or wine in you.

In Greek history, warriors used to compare the emotional sweetness of a woman to “sweet wine” or Sweet Venus. Thus, the strongest warrior required the sweetest lover to feel the healing of his war inflicted wounds and scars; it is no wonder conflicted Mars needed the healing power of sweet Venus. In return, he offered Venus his passionate and stable protection. The preceding example is the exchange and price of true love.

Choose a man that you think and feel is strong like Mars/Ares/ Romeo and allow him to experience your Aphrodite/Venus/Juliet. Whether you are female or male, the mating dance begins with you, the more you bring to the table in terms of nectar like emotions, potent sexual power and self-made independence, then a strong lover will be sent your way by the benevolent Spiritual Forces to bring laughter and healing.

As a positive inspiration ritual, burn a white candle to “clear your space” and a pink candle to bring in love energy. Also, you may place a picture of genuine lovers such as Romeo and Juliet for inspiration on your Meditation Table, and alongside the Romeo/Juliet image, burn white and pink candles for 10 minutes every day for 10 consecutive days starting this Spring Season. Have faith that the strongest lover will be sent your way. However, as like attracts like, become a SWAN yourself before you expect a swan to be sent to you! Last, eagerly await Divine Intervention and a joyous love connection.

Now, to put the above mentioned in pragmatic terms, when you feel you are ready to “let love into your life”, you can hasten the process by putting yourself on a platform where you will meet new people in a friendly atmosphere; such as joining a hobby club or common-interest groups. One can join a gym or a walking group if you are into physical fitness. Other options are a poetry circle or taking a writing class are also constructive social activities. Some people like to go to dance classes; wine tasting or any interest-related gathering will help you make new friends. As you get to know these newly formed friends, then mutual attraction can lead to opportunities in connecting as lovers.

It is only with experiencing attraction and desire that leads to you choose the partner you can allow yourself to invest time and effort into and towards one another. Regular get-togethers will lead to bonding and long-term attachment and relationship.

In script, it may sound simple and easy, but the path of love is rarely an easy task. As long as your intention is to give and also create the balance of receiving from your mate, then it becomes a fair give/take exchange. At times, you might have to guide your mate or teach him or even forgive him for mistakes and errors he/she might make. However, if you believe in each other, and see each other as sincere friends and compatible lovers, then over time a solid partnership and relationship will develop. Give yourself and your mate a chance at love!


Love and Light,


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