What’s Going On With Men?

By Sarah: Working with Spirit daily, I noticed a few months ago that many couples were going through a break up. Seemingly soulmates, the partner who had been left behind would get in contact with me wondering how this had all happened!

I then wrote my previous article on Karmic Soulmates and explained that less evolved and less spiritually awakened partners needed to go out and experience life alone, without the positive and energizing influence of the more evolved partner.

Whilst there are beautiful and awakened men in our society – in touch with their masculine and feminine energy within and walking a good and moral life – most men are still to move out of their dominant masculinity. This has resulted in many men becoming narcissistic and dominating in their love relationships and neglectful to the needs of the partner. So the relationship breaks up and the awakened partner left behind is left feeling broken and traumatized – and very confused.


As I explained in my previous article, the duty of the awakened partner is to go silent and work in a dedicated manner on their spiritual path. It is pointless even trying to talk or reason with the partner who has left the relationship. They are compelled to walk their journey alone as it is on their path of destiny.

A few months on, I am now noticing some quite miraculous happening with so many men right now. They are starting to face life head on without the moral support of their soul partner and they are starting to be aware of how karma operates in their life. The penny is beginning to drop that there is a force that operates in a person’s life – that the seeds you plant today are the fruits you will reap tomorrow.

I have noticed that so many men are facing chaos and confusing times wondering what they have done to deserve this as life was going so well for them.

Gradually, through life getting harder and tougher to navigate, men are being forced to find their softer and more gentler side to their nature. It’s possibly one of the most miraculous events I have ever witnessed and would certainly not be reported about or noticed by the media.

Men are starting to become more conscious of their thoughts and actions. It’s still a process – as is any awakening – but the appreciation of having a good woman or partner by their side is becoming valued and appreciated.

And the reason why this is happening is because women are now starting to wake up to their dominant masculine energy within themselves. Through their Faith and spiritual awareness they are beginning to believe and love themselves. They are no longer prepared to be bullied, dominated or controlled – they know their own worth. And as a result, men no longer having the support of Feminine energy around them are having to become more socially aware by themselves.

As the spiritually awoken partner left behind, know that your prayers are working. You may not have heard from him in weeks or months – but the awakening has started. It is inevitable as the world is in itself shifting and all humans are destined to be in perfect balance within between Masculine and Feminine polarities.

Although it would have been extremely painful when your male partner left – you have grown so much. Continue lighting a candle when you wish to have Angels around you and ask them to guide and protect you and your partner.

God and the Angels are slowly awakening their souls and contact should happen soon. When this occurs stay strong. Your male partner still needs to learn more about appreciation and compassion for others so trust in Divine timing.

It is a natural karmic force that operates in the Universe – for every emotional and painful experience you endure you are rewarded ten times the joy in the future. And it will be in this joy that you will send love back to yourself in the past. The future you are sending you love and support right now!

The beautiful men of this planet will gradually wake up to their natural calling of protection and appreciation of their Feminine counterpart and their children. So continue to pray for them and let them face life alone and on their own terms. This is the only way the Divine Femine can awaken from deep within.

If you are struggling to stay strong during your painful break up, contact me and let me lift your energy vibration so that you can transcend through the pain and into a place of unequaled happiness and success.

Our men are now becoming who we always thought them to be. And when they do return they will be stronger, trustworthy and ready to commit to a loving and stable relationship. It is from a relationship a family evolves and it is from this family that together the couple can reach new heights of compatibility and financial success.

Viva Men! Viva Women! We need each other in this crazy world – do we not?


Stay strong, have Faith and use prayer.

Much Love and Light,


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