What Is A Soulmate?

By Crystal: As a Psychic with decades of experience, I get asked this question a lot from clients, family and friends. I think a lot of people don’t really understand what a soulmate is, so I thought I would write this article for you, to help you understand what it really means.

A lot of people have not experienced a soulmate connection, but for those of you who have, you know it is a life changing, transcendental, spiritual, often times inexplicable connection to another person.


A soulmate connection is very different to the emotional attachments we form with people in our lives – be it family, friend, lover or colleague. An emotional attachment is what we feel when we have an emotional connection with another person e.g. we have feelings for them, or we love them or we care about them. Soulmate connections can happen with anyone, not just romantically.

A soulmate connection is a soul to soul connection – ergo your soul and the other person’s soul connect – so the 2 souls are then spiritually connected through the divine, from present day and including past life connections.

So as you can see, an emotional attachment is quite different to a soul mate connection. The main difference between an emotional attachment and a soulmate connection is the connection is much deeper.

Here are some signs to look for to help you understand what you are feeling, or to help you know if you have a soulmate connection with someone. You will feel a very strong unusual (for you) connection to another person that does not make sense, and is something you probably have not felt before. The other person also feels the same, whether they tell you or not.

You will feel strangely at home with this person, comfortable and relaxed, and you will feel like you are coming home. How many times have you heard someone say, “it’s like I have known them forever!”. You will think of this person often, and they of you, whether they admit to it or not.

Your feelings for this person will be quite strong from the start, and at times, can be overwhelming and it can feel like your feelings don’t make sense. This is because when you met this person, the two souls connected – the two souls recognized each other – and so while this person is in your life, the two souls continue to communicate with each other. Sometimes these connections can last even after the person has passed away – something I have experienced myself.

Just know that you are not going crazy and yes, the other person feels it too. Other people may not understand what you are going through, and that is okay – they don’t have to understand to support you. Soulmate connections can be very intense, and quite emotional. You may even be able to know when the other person is thinking of you, about to call you, near to you, or even if the other person is going through a difficult time. All of this is normal with a soulmate connection.

Try not to analyse it too much, just try and enjoy it. Soul mate connections don’t happen that often, so be grateful you have or are experiencing it, as a lot of people don’t get to experience it.

Feel free to contact me for a reading so we can have a chat about what you are going through or just any questions or queries you might have about soulmates. I am always happy to help.


Love and Light,


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