What is a Soul Mate?

The concept of a soul mate can be traced back to Plato’s Symposium. In the dialogue, Aristophanes tells a story about how in the beginning, humans had four arms and legs, plus two faces on a single head. Zeus split humans in half to punish them for their pride, thus doubling the number of humans who could give tribute to the gods. However, the split humans were unable to go on in such physical misery. Apollo then sewed them up, with each human having only one set of genitalia. Humans would then spend their lives looking for their other half so they could once again be complete.

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Defining the Concept of a Soul Mate

In modern times, people refer to a soul mate as someone who emotionally completes them, bringing love, intimacy, spirituality and romance into their lives. Many people believe that each human being has only one soul mate while others believe it is possible to have more than one over a lifetime. Yet the definition of a soul mate can be expanded further to include relationships within our soul groups, including family members, friends and even pets in addition to romantic partners.
Soul mate relationships show up over many lifetimes in order to teach us important lessons. These relationships are established long before we are born so that we can work out our karma together. Humans incarnate in different roles but are still connected to the same souls. For example, a mother-son relationship in one lifetime may become a sister-brother relationship in another.

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Although it is tempting to see a romantic soul mate relationship as one that ends in happily ever after, that is not usually the case. Soul mates enter our lives to teach us lessons and act as a catalyst for change. Once we learn the lesson, the relationship often ends. This can be incredibly painful, but it is part of the growth process and necessary for us to evolve.

Twin Flame Soul Mates

In Greek mythology, Psyche and Cupid are famous for their twin flame relationship, the deepest kind of romantic soul mate relationship possible. In the story, beautiful Psyche is a mortal princess. When others began to worship Psyche instead of Aphrodite, the goddess becomes angry. She has her son Cupid put a spell on Psyche so that she will never marry. When Cupid sprinkles his potion on Psyche he is overwhelmed by her beauty, and pricks them both with an arrow.

Due to Venus’ machinations behind the scenes, Psyche is led to believe she will one day marry an ugly monster, the only man who will ever love her. She only sees him in darkness, until one day she discovers her husband is Cupid. She passes out and Cupid flies away. After a series of difficult challenges, Jupiter becomes so touched by the couple’s love that he intervenes, bringing them together eternally.

Twin flame relationships are deep and rewarding. However, they can be difficult to navigate. Couples in a twin flame relationship must overcome obstacles, which in turn brings them even closer together.

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