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If you’re looking to know the potential for the long-term compatibility between you and your current partner or even a prospective one, the art and science of numerology can help you. Looking to numerology is not just a good way to address problems in your existing relationship, but it can help you gain a new understanding of your partner. While some numbers seem to blend in easier together than others, keep in mind that this isn’t written in stone! Be open minded to potential partners, regardless of their number alignment – with some hard work, time and love, you can turn a rocky relationship into a solid one. That said, let’s have a look at Life Path numbers and how they factor in with the compatibility of lovers!
The most important number in the compatibility of numerology is the Life Path number. It’s very important that your partner has a compatible life path number with your own because this number shows our personality traits that can’t be changed.  Let’s have a look at individual Life Path numbers. If you’re not sure how to calculate your Life Path number, get in touch with me and I can do it for you.

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1 Life Path
Your most compatible partners are 3 and 5, as they are both kind enough to put up with your bossiness! Carefree 3 particularly gets along with the serious and insecure 1 by ignoring your need to be in charge, while the flexible 5 adds a dynamic energy that benefits you and the relationship. 6 is good too, but then 6 is so sweet that they get along with any number! 1s who connect with 1s can guarantee a passionate relationship, but a short-lived one too. 8s should be avoided at all costs as they’re too competitive. 2s and 7s make great friendships and business partnerships, but try to leave romance out of it.

2 Life Path
Your most harmonious relationships will come with the fanciful 8 or the philanthropic, blue-blooded 9. Business-savvy 8 is particularly a good match, as both 2 and 8 are decisive and industrious in both romantic and professional partnerships. 9 is classy and composed but a little aloof. Don’t be charmed by dependable 4, who might seem like a good fit at first but who will eventually bore you to tears! Serious and introverted 7 will do the same thing, so steer clear! 5s guarantee a thrilling ride but they leave a trail of destruction in their wake, so be careful!

3 Life Path
Adaptable, audacious and adventurous 5 suits your need for impulsiveness and disorder, while the discrete, reserved and often mystical 7 adds a depth and appreciation to your life experience that you appreciate. Some say that 3 and 7 are the best match within numerology! Even though 4 is solid, they should be avoided as you tend to bring the worst out in each other.  8 is impressive with authority and physicality, but they’re too critical. Intuitive 2  is an excellent fit, resulting in a long, tender relationship. 3s lack focus, as you know, you are one! So stay away!

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4 Life Path
Your best relationships can be found with determined 1s and goal-oriented 8s, 8 in particular is a great match, as you’re both organized and disciplined. 4s and 6s get along well, but heads-up: this combo produces a lot of children! 4s have a need for a lasting, solid relationship more so than any other number. For this reason, you want to avoid the frisky, erratic 3, as well as the gorgeous, but impatient 5.

5 Life Path
5s are loyal and devoted, but also restless and in constant need of change! Daring and courageous 1 comes to mind as a good match, as does the spirited, creative and optimistic 3. The 7 and 5 combination is the best as the dynamic, impatient 5 and the solemn, reclusive 7 balance each other out. 4s are too predictable while 8s and 9s have no time to pander to your constant need for change! 5s on the other hand make great partners together because they know and understand the need for freedom and independence, even though there’s a danger for self-indulgence and vice!

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6 Life Path
6s are easy-going that they can potentially have great relationships with any other number! They are willing to sacrifice anything for true love and they have a limitless capacity for love and care.  Gentle 2 is also guided by the heart more than the mind. 5s are more of a challenge with their need for change and don’t even consider 3 really, they’re too irresponsible and scatter-brained for the delicious 6.

7 Life Path
5s may keep you on your toes with their ever-changing needs, my dear 7, but 3 is where you want to be. 3s keep it interesting with their creativity and imagination, they’re witty and smart and can challenge you in ways no other numbers do. You like 3s because they expand your otherwise narrow, sensible horizons. 2s, 9s, 1s and 8s just aren’t on your wavelength, so move along 7.

8 Life Path
Your best choice is 4. You are grounded, logical, intelligent, practical, disciplined and goal-oriented. In fact, while a romantic relationship between a 4 and an 8 works well because you have so much in common, a business or work relationship works even better since you also supplement each other; you see the larger picture, while no detail escapes the 4.

9 Life Path
Intuitive and sensitive 2 sees through your artificial defenses while the always protective and loving 6, shares your sense of community and your idealistic humanitarian streak. Avoid erratic 5, as well as eccentric 7. 1 and 9 are on opposite ends of the spectrum, which is why they’re often romantically attracted to each other. Surprise, surprise!
If you’re interested in learning more about the compatibility of your partner’s number with your own, get in touch with me so I can do a detailed analysis.

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