Finding Your Soul Mate through Astrology

Finding Your Soul Mate through Astrology

Astrology provides many ways to determine whether someone is your soul mate. By examining your sun signs and interpreting your natal charts, you can uncover important pieces of information about your compatibility.

Studying Sun Signs
The first place to start is with your sun sign. There are four elements, each with three sun signs. You may be attracted to people who share the same element because your goals are often in tune. The following chart shows the elements and their corresponding sun signs.

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It is important to note that just because your signs correspond with different elements does not mean you can’t be a good match. Sun sign compatibility just provides an indicator of potential compatibility.

Interpreting Natal Charts

When helping you find your soul mate through a natal chart reading, an astrologer looks at the aspects of three areas: Sun, Moon and Venus. The Sun represents your life’s goals and the Moon represents your emotional needs. Venus is representative of your desires in a romantic relationship. All three of these areas must be taken into account because a true soul mate relationship requires the support of each other’s needs, desires and goals.

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North Node of the Moon

When an important person enters your life, the North Node is activated. If your North Node connects with a personal planet in your partner’s chart (or vice versa) it can indicate you are soul mates.

Planetary Aspects

Astrologers focus on planetary aspects between your chart and your partner’s chart.

•Mars and Venus

Successful relationships need to be good both emotionally and physically. Mars and Venus work in harmony romantically and sexually. To find if your planets are in aspect, locate the degree in each of your charts, labeled from 0-29. You are looking for a difference less than 5 degrees. For example, if it is 20 degrees in your chart, it should be 15-25 in your partner’s chart.

•Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Aspects between the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) are also telling. Aspects to Uranus in your chart, your partner’s chart, or between both of your charts can signal instability. Aspects to Neptune indicate deep romantic love. Aspects to Pluto can indicate a relationship that is meant to be.

Seventh House/House of Marriage

The Seventh House is located opposite the ascendant, or rising sign. Look at your own ascendant and you will notice that it is the opposite of your sun sign. It is apparent in the Seventh House that opposites attract. Everyone knows couples like this. For example, one person may be a compulsive cleaning Virgo while the other is messy Pisces. Check your Seventh House to find out what sign you are attracted to.

Make an appointment with a psychic astrologer to learn more about sun sign compatibility. An astrologer can also develop natal charts for both you and your partner, and provide a love compatibility reading to determine whether your partner is indeed your soul mate.

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