What Does It Mean To ‘Trust’ The Universe?

By Angelica: One thing is for sure, life is all about change.

If you are spiritual and you understand the energies of the recent eclipses (endings and beginnings), then you would know that this is when your path could experience disappointments or sudden setbacks.

We know that our ego mind likes to judge ourselves when changes not controlled by us occur; that we are somehow not good enough compared to others or that we should have done more or be different just to keep the status quo.


But one thing is for sure, our higher self, soul, God, the Universe, however you express it, will know what is best and an ending is often a blessing disguise, even though it could be difficult to process at the time of the event.

What I myself have come to trust about the Universe is the repeating pattern of setbacks opening me up to very quick and often delightful breakthroughs. What has initially felt like a disaster often turns out to be an opportunity. I believe most of us would say they have had at least a few of these “falling down” experiences in our lives.

When we think of the definition of trusting something, it is believing that it is reliable e.g., the sun comes up; the sun goes down. BUT the Universe is also reliable in being unpredictable (a dichotomy I know) – think of weather – it is always in a state of chaos. So, saying that you trust the Universe means trusting it to be itself, which includes both disorder and unpredictability, that operate on affairs on this planet, and in your own individual life.

So how do you connect to the chaos and be one with it? There are lots of ways of doing that:  dialoguing with the voices in your head (ego), asking your higher self for guidance in the dream state (before going to bed), journalling, meditation, tuning into your body, being aware of your intuition and grounding yourself often by spending time in nature – water is beautiful to release and bush is excellent for grounding.

Ultimately, trusting the universe has more of a spiritual meaning attached to it. It isn’t necessarily about creating affirmations or modifying behaviour. It’s often about sitting quietly with tolerance and acceptance and allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling without needing to understand it in a logical way. This means acceptance of the mystery of events surrounding you. 

A spiritual teacher once said to me, ‘I release resistance, I accept connection’. You can apply this principle by letting go of the chaos that surrounds you.

So next time you are faced with an unexpected ending of some kind, try and find a deep knowing within yourself that you are a co-creator and that new paths will become clear to you. Even though you may not understand logically ‘why’ something has happened and try to find the truth, trust that this is all part of the unfolding of life.

Choosing spiritual practices will likely aid your connection and dialogue with “the Universe,” and help you strike up a rapport that is built on trust. 

Always remember that life and the Universe is all about … change.


Love and Light,


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