What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

By Anastasia: Have you ever woken up from a dream and said what was that all about? You are not alone. Dreams can give us messages and signs about what we may need to tune into for our days ahead. The intuitive soul has a unique way of allowing the subconscious to speak to it through signs and wonders. “Dreamscaping” as I like to call it is a way to see the landscape of your life in a very profound view by taking time to ask yourself, “What was this dream about?”, “Is there a message in this dream I need to pay attention to?”

Important things to know about your dreams are as follows. Not everything you dream about will manifest in the natural/waking world, so if you are having some rough nights of fearful scenes in your sleep time you need to give yourself the space to slow down in your waking hours and de-stress for a few days… Sometimes we can be like human sponges and even when we are not physically seeing the world around us energy and thought forms are coming at us at a rapid pace.


I encourage you to offer those not-so-savory dreams up to the divine and allow new information to come forward so you are not having to be stuck in thought forms that may not be your own. As a collective we can dream together and it’s not unusual for us to dream in tandem. I used to do this with a Native American friend many years ago when I was learning how to understand the world of dream interpretation. It was fascinating and wonderful to see how connected we can be to one another. Learning how to interpret our dreams takes a bit of practice but with that practice you too can learn to see the messages your dreams will deliver.

Falling dreams, especially ones where you are falling backwards often represent that you were able to sidestep a bad decision and they actually are dreams about making good choices. This kind of dreams could also mean you need to take a step aside and reconsider some things in your life.

Dreams can be pointers on the path of life to help you understand subtle things about waking life that you may not be aware of. If you see birds especially hawks in your dreams this could signify deep insight to a personal situation so pay attention.

House dreams symbolize a powerful understanding of ourselves. Finding yourself in a house dream can be very healing for you .This most likely will symbolize a safe place that you need to go to for a time and process whatever is happening in your waking hours.

Lastly, when you see your guardian angel in your dreams this is about being protected and watched over. If there are more than one of these lovely guardians or guides then you are being blessed on your path with spiritual support.

When members of your tribe, family and friends come to visit you, this is always so profound for each of us. These visitations remind us we are not alone and we can usually get perspective on our connection to them while they are on the earth. It’s a blessing to see they are safe and continually watching us and a constant reminder that the veil of life and death can be thin. I have to say personally those are my favorite dreams. We can gain great peace from knowing those who have passed are intact, whole and staying connected to us. A lot of times, we work out unresolved issues with those who have passed or have left suddenly especially if we did not get a chance to say goodbye.

One of the most profound dream readings I have ever seen was when a client, years ago, had a dream one night about a house. She had no intention of moving to a new house, but a week or so later her partner invited her to come look at a new home that just came on the market. She agreed to go take a peek and what did she see… Almost down to the color of the rugs she stepped in her new soon to be home that she was given a preview about in her dream! So keep this in mind, your dreams can be surprising windows for your life’s journey. The key is to decipher what to do with the information. I am here to help you if you need support and a listening ear.


Be well and Pleasant dreams.

Love and Light,


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