What Are You Thinking?

By Ms.Mandi: It’s no secret that science is starting to recognise the power of thought and the effect it has on us in every way imaginable – from our mood, to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and what we manifest and bring into our lives.

mandi3 To break things down for you – we are all energy, vibrational beings. Everything around us is complete energy, this can take some time to understand and get used to (well at least it did for me!).
Have you ever thought why some people seemingly manifest ‘perfect’ lives for themselves – the ideal career, spouse, income and home?

The reason these ‘things’ otherwise known as energy, line up for these people is their thoughts and belief system were perfectly aligned with the energy source they were looking to attract.

The problem is deeper than just our conscious thoughts, but our SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts. The part of us that runs on automatic – the part of us that helps us to breathe, pump blood around our bodies, renew our cells – all without us consciously having to prompt our bodies to do it. It just happens on autopilot, thanks to our subconscious, and while this is fantastic – when it comes to manifesting what we want in our lives, this very same subconscious mind that helps us to stay alive in our physical bodies each day can also hinder us from attracting and bringing into our lives what is we want, desire and rightfully deserve.

For example, you may be looking to attract the ideal spouse, you may feel ready and like you have a lot to offer, you might even feel deserving of having a wonderful person in your life, but the type of people that come into your life may not be what you consider suitable partners, they may not give you the love and attention you deserve or crave, they may be narcissistic or abusive and you might be thinking to yourself “this is not the type of person I am wanting to align myself with”.

The issue here is that your conscious mind realises and accepts what it is you want and deserve, however your subconscious mind, is sending out vibrational signals of a different kind, to attract to you the type of people you DON’T want in your life, but “somehow” everywhere you look and everywhere you turn you notice these undesirable people seem to be drawn and attracted to you. It’s usually at this point we either give up looking for “the one” or we become reclusive and depressive and think there is something wrong with us and that we will never find what we’re looking for.

This doesn’t just go for manifesting the person we want in our lives, but it goes for anything we want to manifest – be it a job, a home, finances, health and the list goes on.

What is important to remember that everything is energy and everything you want has already been created in its energetic form. Our job is to align ourselves energetically on both a conscious and subconscious level to ensure we attract exactly whatever it is we desire in a physical form.

The law of attraction is powerful and real. It is always working for us – but not always in the way we want it to, as when we are not operating on the same vibrational frequency, we draw to ourselves what we fear the most on a subconscious level and these fears may not be always known to us consciously.

I am a law of attraction practitioner and teacher and I can help align your energies with what it is you would like to attract into your life. Please feel free to connect with me by phone or chat for a law of attraction session. It can be the single most life changing thing that you do this month!


Love and Blessings,

Ms. Mandi

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