Angel Messages For The Month Of June 2017

By Ms.Mandi: I wanted to write this article to give you some insight from the Angels of what to expect in the coming month ahead. The cards used for this has been the Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and of course my own intuition.


June brings with it a month of abundance. Any stagnant energy blockages and things not going to plan will start to fall away as brand new abundant energy moves into this month. The channels are clearing and you are able to manifest as you desire – be it money, friendships, love and career. The intentions that you have planted are going to start to come to fruition. You will begin seeing evidence of your manifestations unraveling in one form or another. As you begin to see this happening be sure to thank the angels for their contribution. The universe loves gratitude and the more you practice it and show it the more abundance will enter your life on multiple levels.

The Angels are asking you to be open to signs that come your way to let you know you’re on the right path and this can come any shape, way or form. Be open and accepting. Ask for a sign and ask for it to be direct enough that you cannot write it off as coincidence. Have dialogue with the universe. The more you do it, the easier it becomes, the more connected you become, and the easier it is for you to spot the signs. I personally often see triple and quadruple numbers when I am in the process of manifesting and the angels and universe wants me to know I am being heard and what I am asking for is on the way and I am taking the right action and steps to ensure it happens. Being open is one of the best ways to receive signs. But don’t get too caught up and hung up on what everything means. Allow it to catch your eye, smile, give thanks and get on with your day knowing in your heart your greater purpose is being observed.

Belief is always important, but it’s magnified this month by the angels. They want you to know that choosing to believe and having an open heart will lead to a far more successful and productive month. Look beyond any imperfections, mistakes and delays and believe it’s all happening for a higher purpose and reason. Sometimes not getting what we ask for is a blessing in disguise as it opens the pathway for something bigger and better that at the time we didn’t know existed. Belief is not always easy, especially when evidence is not always available or we can’t see proof that what we’re asking for is being delivered (this is where divine timing and free will comes into play).

The first 3 weeks of June will be truly amazing. New energies coming into play, wishes being granted, manifestations starting to take form. It’s all coming together in this awesome month of June.

Remember to expect abundance this month, look for the signs and have belief.

If you need help with how to manifest please contact me on Lifereader through chat or phone call. I am always ready to advise and assist.


Love and Light,

Ms. Mandi

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