Waking Up To Our True Divinity

By Eve: Do you wonder what it takes to wake up our True Divinity?

Allowance. That is all it takes. Being self-aware of our inner state is very important. Once that connection is done, allowing the Divinity in you to wake up, react and take you to new levels is what it takes. Some may use meditation to activate the higher chakras, others just put themselves in a state of receiving and let the Divine work its magic.

Awakening is not always easy, choosing the path to least resistance is always what works best for our soul.

1eve2 If you are ready to wake up and rise to higher levels of consciousness it will happened by itself. By connecting to your inner self, things will be revealed and shown one at a time. This Divinity works with the higher chakras. Most people know about the main 7, but there are others that allow us to connect to higher dimension.

It can be done with the help of a spiritual teacher, activations, meditations or by simply wanting to discover more about soul mission. Connecting to our Divinity is about the soul mission. Your soul is always present and interacting with you, so listening careful will indicate where you are at the moment and where you need to go. Asking what does your soul wants you to know at this time, should provide some answer if you let them come to you.

It can’t be done all at once, it happens in sequence or in layers. Some will do it fast other will do it slow. Speed is not important, awareness and unconditional love is! Some will stress because they find that the answers are not coming fast enough and that is just fine. It doesn’t mean that you are off track, it only means that you are not ready to receive them or that they are not ready to be revealed. They shall come through a clear thought, a synchronicity, a vision, a clear knowing, a dream or in any other way it has to reach you. You just have to be opened to receiving.

Being opened to receiving is not always easy, we all have a life to lead and to manage. We get busy pursuing our dreams or just being! It is not to worry your spiritual team will always find a way to send you your guidance. Do you always hear the same song? Or perhaps you always see the same number sequence… that is not a coincidence but a beautiful synchronicity to pay attention to. As you pay attention to what is going on on the energetic level, things will change and unfold in your life. If you meditate, you will notice a change in meditation, new levels, new heights and that manifest in new perceptions and ways of thinking in everyday life. It is a beautiful path, so rich in every way!
Happy Awakening!

Love and Light,


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