Venus Retrograde In Gemini And Your Love Life

By Carmel: Have you wondered lately why you seem to be retracing old ground in your intimate relationships and partnerships? During the lockdown, have you come across old yearbooks featuring a long lost significant person and then heard from the person or seen them? Have you been dreaming lately about lost or still longed for exes and woken up wondering why? Did you break up during this last 2 to 3 months suddenly but are left with a certain feeling that there has not been adequate closure or know deep inside it cannot really be over yet? Have you bumped into one or more significant others unexpectedly?


Venus in Gemini has been retrograde since May 13th which has pushing us to understand with our closest partnerships past and present and getting us to really reevaluate what we want in our love lives. In the mutable air sign of Gemini, Venus is really cerebral energy focusing on the intellectual side of our relationships,and we have all been spending time analyzing and wondering a great deal about matters of the heart, so you are not alone if this situation has applied to you during this cycle. Venus retrograde in Gemini brings back to us many issues from the past and gives us an opportunity to review our emotional connections and reach deep into our psyches to pull out real insights but it can also cause pretty rocky episodes to upset our partnership’s harmony. Some may even have broken up during this cycle with one or both partners in the dark as to what has really happened, but it may not be the end of the story at all!

Venus will move forward on June 25 and in this cycle coming right up,you may find you have answers to the questions you have been asking and for quite a few couples a second chance to breathe life into your love affairs or unions. The best way to handle this kind of cycle when Venus is retrograde is to decide not to allow yourself to sink into negativity but to be smarter in how you relate to others and yourself. Do not react too emotionally to challenges you face during this period as if you use your head you will surmount these obstacles soon!

If you have broken up with your partner or had sharp words with each other, all hope is not lost as Venus going forward on June 25 will give you time to have that longed for second chance. Reconciliations and making up could well be on the table again now.

However, this cycle is also about learning about improving our relationships if they are to endure and move forward, so the message is to take the blinkers off and see the real situation for what it is and be prepared as a couple to work towards better communication with more honesty between you. Conflicts happen for a reason, but they can be an opportunity to grow if there is respect present between a couple. It is equally important to leave toxic relationships behind for those who are not in healthy relationships where respect is not present, and look to better experiences as they clear away the past and grow in maturity.

Venus going forward in the sign of the Twins also signals a period when some could meet their true soulmate as well or their Twin flame so if you are single, start planning more meet ups even if they are from a distance or over the net to give you an opportunity to make this happen.

So how will your sign go forward in love on June 25 and the next part of the year?

Read my special tips below and catch me online really soon for a chat or call where we can plan for your love future in the stars and answer all your most pressing love life questions. In general, communication for all signs in intimate relationships should improve and rifts can be healed more easily with lovers and friends.

Aries- Venus going forward will be a relief for you as you have likely been feeling somewhat distant from your partner or wanting more romance lately as well. If in a couple, you may both sort things out with a sigh of relief quite soon after Venus moves forward as you can discover each other again and spice your love life up, or if single,you may get a chance to meet a special new person through a special introduction of a friend or acquaintance or on a blind date, so get ready for fun.

Taurus- Venus is your ruling planet and in retrograde really cramps your love life which is no fun for sensual Taureans! Make an effort to understand your significant other now and their needs and see potentially awesome results in better intimacy and understanding between you again when Venus resumes forward motion. Single Taureans could enjoy a new friendship circle while Taureans wanting to move in to a new nest or home with their mate will make steps towards that too now.

Gemini- Venus retrograde in your own sign these last couple of months has been a real wake up call to you to look deeper into your heart about what your greatest needs in love are and be honest with yourself as you often neglect to do this being a sign that overthinks on occasion rather than feeling your way. Venus going forward in your sign will enable you now to act on your insights to enhance your love lives and express your feelings to loved ones, and love and romance may return to your life again as a partner realise how important you are to him or her and tells you so! Singles may find they are the center of attention with a choice of new mates between several eligible suitors or admirers.

Cancer- Unions and partnerships may have been under added pressure during the retrograde for practical and other reasons including career and financial matters, and Cancerians may have found that they really need an honest heart to heart with their closest partner over these concerns, but have been unable to get this lately. Thankfully, as Venus resumes its forward motion, your partner and you will sense the mood is right to open up and talk to each other once again with an added effort planning your future with care and success. Single Cancerians may be very intrigued by a newcomer to their circle or on social media or re-meet a love interest from the past with surprising results as you discover how much you now have in common.

Leo- Yours is one sign that may have had more opportunity for romance during the retrograde with a new person, but as Venus goes forward, you may need to get to know your new partner or love interest better if you are to go forward. Venus out of retrograde improves your finances too, so things are looking up! Couples could enjoy time with tender moments, and plan a special event. Single Cancers will develop a new interest or hobby and meet another kindred spirit in this pursuit.

Virgo- Communication breakdowns between you and your mate could have marred recent weeks no matter how hard you tried, but as Venus moves forward,one of you will make an overture to the other to talk and harmony may return with better insights into both of your concerns. If you have recently broken up you may have a second chance to make it up. Single Virgos can enjoy some freed up time now to seek companionship .

Libra- Your sign loves harmony in your relationships but you can often suffer in silence to keep the peace. With Venus your ruling planet in retrograde you may have been wondering how to broach an awkward subject with your mate to move forward together. Expect to find a mutually acceptable solution with just the right approach for both of you as Venus moves forward. Single Libras may find they have a secret admirer who may develop into a potential love interest for them, or get the courage to admit their feelings to a significant other in their life.

Scorpio- Scorpios take their love lives very seriously and retrograde Venus periods can really get you down as you may feel neglected by your lover if he or she does not respond to your overtures as usual, just when you felt you needed that support. If your partner seems to have been inattentive lately do not take it to heart, he or she may just have had too much to deal with lately to focus on love. After Venus moves forward, your partner may be happily back at your side, wanting your input on their lives,and the spring may return to your step! Make an effort to plan a special date. Single Scorpios could meet a new person from their own sign. If you recently broke up with a partner, you will begin to heal from it,and better times await with someone new.

Sagittarius- Venus in retrograde has been square your Sun for several weeks,so you yourself may have been absorbed with work or career concerns that needed your urgent attention and had little time for love or romance as well as suffering some challenges to your self confidence. When Venus goes forward on June 25 you should find you can get back to your dynamic self with a more optimistic attitude as obstacles clear and opportunities emerge, and your mate will respond welcoming you back! Single Sagittarians could be in line for a brand new romance shortly with a partner you relate very well to and who is your equal intellectually and emotionally that you meet through study or special interest areas.

Capricorn- You are recovering from dealing with a number of recent personal challenges during May and June, and may not have time for love or your partner lately as you attend to your financial or security areas or you have just been too much in your own thoughts lately to relate to your partner. As Venus resumes forward motion, you may find you miss the finer things in life and let your partner know how much they mean to you taking time to seek their counsel. Single Capricorns looking for love may find a compatible mate close to home.

Aquarius- Venus retrograde has been a frustrating period for you in love and career. You are maturing as a person, and realizing that you can only really be happy in a partnership where you have important interests in common. Some of you have recently left a partnership because you do not suit one another and you will realise it is for the best. If you are looking to move on, you can expect to meet a soulmate in your future who may work close to you or in a similar field. Aquarians in committed partnerships who are compatible together can now plan ahead with more clarity and optimism as the Venus retrograde phase comes to an end and your way ahead becomes clearer.

Pisces- You Pisceans have had a challenging cycle during the Retrograde as your sensitive nature has been tested by some setbacks in treasured goals or plans. Emotionally however you are resilient and refuse to give up on getting the life you want. Single Pisceans will feel more positive as Venus moves forward as Venus has been square your Sun, and you may welcome back an old friend or lover into their lives soon. Pisceans who are in a partnership may find ways of increasing their security with Venus moving away from her shadow side in retrograde while Pisceans who have left a relationship will in some cases have a chance to make up by August or find a more compatible mate by October.


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