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By Carmel: February 14th is celebrated around the world as a day to celebrate love and relationships and for some, it can be a special occasion when your significant other spoils you or you spoil each other with cards, candies or chocolates or a thoughtful event.

However, all of us can make our Valentine’s Day even more special if we have a deeper understanding of what this day is really about. It is said that St. Valentine may have been one or two people who were martyred in the 3rd century in Roman times on February 14th for his devotion to Christianity.

He was a healer and a highly compassionate individual who encouraged and helped lovers and some reports say that the first Valentine was sent by him. There is a degree of mystery around this famous Saint with some accounts claiming he was a Bishop while others see him as a Priest and a physician who helped lovers, while others say he miraculously healed a blind woman and converted a Roman Judge. Whatever the authentic history of Saint Valentine it is believed by some he can intercede for them in matters of the heart and that he can be invoked on February 14th or indeed at any time and there are many I know of, who attest to this with certainty.


As an astrologer, it has always interested me that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the second month of the year, which in 2021 is also the beginning of the Lunar New Year on February 12th. Valentine’s Day this year will fall just two days after the start of the Chinese New Year of the Ox. The month of February is of course, linked to the sign of Aquarius, which is the sign of universal family and brotherhood. This year, we have both the New Lunar Year and Valentine’s Day falling close to each other with the powerful signature of Aquarius very prominent in its own month.

On February 12th, we have a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury will conjunct Venus on February 13th ,while the Moon will be in Pisces on Valentine’s Day itself with Mars Sextile Neptune. This all adds up to a very romantic and sentimental Valentine’s Day with the potential to make many memories of a lasting nature. To make your Valentine’s Day really special, do not limit your vision of this Day. Remember it is a day celebrating love in all forms and levels. Love between current partners, love of the past and love for the future. Remembrance and celebration of the people in our lives we have truly love and appreciated. Love between family or adopted family. Love for your children. Love for your relatives or your close friends who understand platonic love that you have for them or love for your dear pets.

Prepare early and plan something special for the day. Whether you are in a couple or single as this day is for everyone no matter who they are or what status they are. Clean your house. Get some special red candles to put up, decorate with roses, tulips or any other powerful flowers you love in pink or red hues. Decide to make that call to your best friend or your favorite relative whether at a distance or close by and let them know you are thinking of them with love on this day of love. Email them a cute message or picture telling them you appreciate them. If you have a pet you love, get them something special for the day and photograph all the special moments. If you have a significant other or if you are in a relationship, make sure you set aside that special time just for the two of you doing something you both love. Valentine’s Day is also considered a very powerful day for love petitions and as this year we will have a Pisces Moon on the day. You may like to invoke Valentine to help you to find love in the next year or to reconcile with someone you still care deeply about, if that is in line with your love destiny. We have a lot more power in our energy than we usually realize to create loving relationships, but the stars for this year will give us some deep insights into how we can increase those relationships in our lives and nurture those we have.

For those that wish to heal on this day, or still have some pain from a past connection that they still cherish, try doing some work on your heart. Energy today by spending a few minutes visualizing their entire house or abode in pink healing light and recite as follows, “On this wonderful day of love and caring, may I invoke the energy of Valentine’s Day to heal my heart and spirit and allow me to move on to new experiences and new love or, if it is in my true love destiny, to reconcile with one I still love (as appropriate)”.

Select a rose or other flower you love and leave it close to your front door for the entire day to encourage the energy of romance to come to you. Believe in the amazing power that love has and banish away fear or any sense of being unworthy of love. Wear rose quartz crystals as these also help to facilitate healing.

Be open to how Valentine’s Day magic can work for you and have faith in it. I had a client once who was still in love with a past flame but had thought he had forgotten her when she opened an old address book by chance that she found on Valentine’s Day and located his phone number and address. She felt a distinct energy pulling her to reconnect with him and called the old phone number. He answered her immediately and was amazed that she had contacted him as he had been thinking of her all week and was trying to look her up to say hello!

That rekindled their connection, found the flame of passion was still there and the rest as they say is history! Did Valentine reach out to send them a message that day? Well they both like to believe so and so do I!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year and make it special!

If you would like to speak with me about your relationship or have a question about your destiny in any area, please contact me here in at LifeReader for a chat or a phone consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.


Love and Light


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