Transforming Relationships Through The Power Of Love

I used to wonder what all the fuss was about with people talking about ‘loving themselves’. Like how do we even do that? When focusing on our chakra system, it’s easier to assess whether or not we are allowing this powerful vibration into our being. Let’s take a snapshot to see just how powerful love is and can transform us and our relationships.

When our Crown Chakra is merged with love, it transforms our thinking. We think loving thoughts rather than judgmental or negative ones. Our usual thinking might steer us to what is lacking in any given situation. Our love-based thinking steers us to not only what is going right, but towards how we can see a situation differently. Thereby, we attract solutions and create a more holistic resolve. Over time, our reactive thinking softens and solution-focused thinking quickens. This is great for our relationships as it works in both the short term and long term at how we relate.

When our Third Eye Chakra is merged with love we see everyone with loving eyes. We also see the higher truth of the part people have to play in our lives, from the position of love. This is also how Spirit sees us. Truth is based on the reality that everyone and everything is here to assist our consciousness to evolve. Everything is part of this love. When we can see this, then our spiritual vision sees beyond fear-based illusions.

When love imbues our Ear Chakras we actually hear people’s gratitude and we are able to let love in. Our Ear Chakras are responsible for being receptive in general. So how receptive are you for letting love in? We can become more receptive by changing our rejection of compliments as a start. Saying a simple, “Thank you” is enough to make a start at letting love in. When we are listening from a loving space we don’t indulge other’s fear based realities. This only disempowers others and drains our energy. It’s okay to be real with people and say, “I hear you are struggling, what’s your action plan?”

Our Throat Chakra awareness helps us to become awake to the parts of ourselves that need to be heard. We have many different parts of our psyche. When we love these parts, we accelerate our connection to our Higher Self. We also are able to support ourselves with loving Spiritual Support rather than become co-dependent on another. Relationships between adults that are more like a parent/child are disempowering at best and abusive at worst. You can ask yourself what your vulnerable part needs, what its purpose is to teach you and ask your Spiritual helpers to send support to this part of yourself. This will transform and enlighten this aspect of your psyche and you will feel more whole as a result. You will also notice when another person is taking responsibility for their own needs or being too dependent on you.

When we are connected to the love inside our hearts, our Heart Chakra helps us to feel compassion for others. Feeling compassion means that we also believe in other’s own connection to their spiritual support system to sustain them infinitely. This is a very powerful realization. We know that no matter how much they feel they are not loved, they are. The heart is also responsible for helping us let down any walls we have put up to guard our hearts. The reality is that as we shut others out, we shut off from our own spiritual connection. Opening our hearts is imperative in sustaining our own life force.

When our Solar plexus and the frequency of love unite, we value ourselves. We do not take on other people’s responsibilities as we know that is not loving. Caretaking others only take away their lessons for their own learning. As we refocus and look further towards our reason for being, our life’s purpose and the power of the present moment in being our authentic selves. If there are people holding us back, tearing us down, abusing or mistreating us, we move on with love. Our love directed choices say ‘Yes’ to who we are rather than ‘No’ to others. When we value ourselves, we move on when we know it is in our highest good. We know we are not really leaving someone behind. Instead, we are moving towards more loving relationships. We create the space for it. We feel the love of Spirit streaming through in the gap that is often felt in between relationships.

Love allows us to feel completely nourished through our Sacral Chakra. When we are nourishing ourselves intentionally with love, we really exercise our receiving muscle. This is important. Letting love in creates more loving experiences and people. Our vibration says that we accept love. So in return, we attract more to us. Take a ‘Love Bath’ by closing your eyes and imagining you are immersed in this powerful vibration. Spend a few minutes visualizing you breathing it in and soaking it up.

Our Base Chakra helps us to regain trust and ground love into physical form. When we let love into our Base, we trust ourselves to make loving choices. We trust the Spirit will show us when to trust others. We trust we will be shown if someone is deceptive. We trust the timing. We are more trusting and open during sex. We feel loved by Spirit. We trust spirit so we can love fully. We spend money on loving ourselves. We put money where our love is!
When we are feeling connected to the incredible power of love, we allow it into our physical being more and more. This helps our bodies, minds and emotions transform. The more used to this frequency we get, the more we recognize it when someone has also resonated when someone else is not actually being loving! That’s right, WE are the directors of our relationship ‘ship’ and how we navigate it from its conception all the way through its many adventures.

Blessings in abundance,

Michelle Lightworker

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