The Oneness Of Joy

When the busyness of life and the deadlines loom – that is when we need to see if our joy balance is in check. Sometimes we think that we need to get things done before we can play. I know, I am a recovering workaholic and sometimes the joy of ticking off my To Do List surpasses my intrinsic need to play, laugh and feel that connection to Spirit flow through me in every single moment of the completion of that To Do List.

I find it ironic that I tend to get more done when I am in my sweet spot of joy. When I am listening to the Spirit not only for the next thing to do, but how to do it, that’s when I find that time not only warps and I get more done, but I don’t feel strung out at the end of the task. It’s like, along the way, I have been filling my cup rather than depleting it. So then, I don’t need to ‘play hard’ to compensate. I’ve been playing along the way and there is such a lightness in my being. People even say to me, you look different, a lot lighter in your energy. It is true.

I definitely know how serious I can make life. Like my job is to enlighten the planet right? Wrong. My job is to allow myself to connect to joy. Joy is the light shadow of my infinite connection to Spirit. If I do this and if I truly believe in the other Everyday Lightworker Principle of Unity, then I know that in every moment that I allow joy into my being, I am feeding the rest of the world automatically. That is what I call ‘guilt free receiving’. Because if I put a limit on how much joy I am ‘allowed’ then I put a limit on how much joy I give to the world. We are all one. As I feel and allow the Divine Connection to weave and ebb through me, I allow and give permission for the rest of the world to feel it too.

This is being of true service. Service is not devoid of joy. Service is not only about giving, it is about allowing ourselves to receive and not feeling the need to give everything away the minute we receive something. Feeling the compulsion to give – to serve as a knee jerk reaction – says, “I don’t feel there is enough” and we feed this belief back into the world.

So the next time you are given something – anything – take a moment to be grateful, to let it in, to allow the Divine Spirit of joy sit in your whole body in that moment and breathe. Breathe joy in and out. And know that in that moment, you ARE a pinnacle of joy that is shining back to the world. You are shining back that which is the very birthright of everyone’s essence. Without even realizing it, you are infinitely giving.

When you do this, you also say, “I am enough, we are all enough, we all have enough” and guess what? More comes to you. You attract more because you are allowing the infinite source to flow through you. You believe there is an infinite source. You know everyone has access to this infinite source. You know that as you receive, you are not taking it away from anyone else. Yes, joy equates to abundance.

So welcome to joy AND abundance! Let it flow, release the guilt and really know WE ARE ONE. I thank you in advance.

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One thought on “The Oneness Of Joy

  1. Felicia Cammack

    Hello, Michelle
    I want to speak to you about my relationship, I want to know if my husband Ernest Eugene Cammack Jr really love me like he tell,or he is messing with my head. I feel that he is going to leave me. He mess around on me with men and women. Iam having a hard time shaken him off. He son father and I feel my will hate me at end. I been trying to hold on to dearrive life. His mother has been trying to break us up since we been married. We been married for 22 years. I feel that he used me to get what he want from me. I helped him get this job that he has now he give the money that we need for food and bills. His mother met his mistress, and she tell me that want to start over as mother and daughter relationship. My husband has been seeing his mistress for two to three years. That is where our money has been gowing too. Her name is Karen leigh, she was friend and she married too. I was so hurt that she knew I married to him,but she was seeing for money and lust. They were sneakinger around on me and my son. I want to tell her husband so bad but my mother told me I need pictures. I feel so used,I am so scared that if I get a divorce that I won’t get enough to live on. I am so confused in knowing what to to take care of my Chauncey Avidan Cammack. I don’t want to let him down. I been applying to different jobs but I need a job I will enjoy and it will feel that I will fit in. I am praying that the judge will give me 3000 thousand. month for child support and spouse support. I am finishing up this but Iam struggling with this nutrition class. I suppose to be going in nursing but I don’t know if it is really for. I don’t know which way to go for a career choice. I was thinking of going to property management. Thank you,Felicia Cammack


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