Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

We’ve all heard of the age-old question, “What came first the chicken or the egg?” Well, there are different views on the very philosophical question of “What comes first our thoughts or our feelings?”

Solving this riddle can assist us to moderate our feelings, our thoughts, and our behaviour and live a life that is joyful and peaceful. Now who doesn’t want that?

There are schools of thought that say that when we change our mind, we change our feelings and therefore our behaviour. One of these offers a whole therapy called is “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy“. There is also an argument that children have a ‘thought-felt reality’ prior to the age of 7. That is, they feel and think at the same time. Their brain function is not mature enough to think then feel, the feeling is automatic.

Let’s complicate this a little further though with the whole debate of the existence of past lives. It is observed that when we have had a past life trauma and our emotional response is not healed, it is stored in our body. This unresolved emotion also goes on to create our thoughts in the next life and affect our physical constitution and health. The unresolved feelings hold a vibration that manifests similar circumstances so it can resolve itself. Hence, once we can learn the lesson, our thoughts change, our emotions moderate, we heal our bodies and we move on to new lessons. This throws a spanner in the works because it means that the feelings in the past life usurp the thoughts on this one, until they are resolved.

It gives the notion that we are “powerless” over our thinking until we are willing to address underlying issues. I am a believer in all three fields of thought and include them in training Lightworker Practitioners. I believe that our thoughts do indeed create emotional responses and behaviour. I also believe that until a certain emotional maturity is met, children are very reactive and this can also flow onto adulthood if certain emotional milestones have been met. And, in the issue of past lives, I do believe they exist, but only to help us in the here and now. I only assist others with their past to empower them in the present, not to dwell on what happened or what they feel was lost.

By owning our thoughts, our behaviour and our capacity of emotional intelligence, we become conscious. We become aware of the power that they have over our lives and we commence to step into a proactive energy. Rather than continually be reactive to situations in our lives, we become more peaceful and joyful over what is and the part we play in creating it.

Consciousness happens over time the more we own and take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, consciousness does. Ultimately it doesn’t matter when emotions begin; it matters when we have made our peace with them.

Blessings in abundance,

Michelle Lightworker

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